Altered Pro-Line 600w V3 Electric Skateboard Our Full Review

The Newest Member Of The Altered Electric Skateboard Family

Altered is a company founded by a group of friends. They patented the wireless controller technology. Their first wireless electric skate board rolled off the line in 1997. With the new modern technology came new modern designs, parts, and materials. Altered is trying to keep up with the revolution, so they introduced the Pro-Line 600 V3.

The Altered Pro-Line 600 V3 is among the best electric skateboards at its price point. It is the latest updated version of their number one selling electric skateboard. With new upgraded wheels, durable plastic, and new modular chassis, this board offers even better commuting and cruising. It has a curved long-board shape with new 105mm wheels which provide incredible durability and performance.

Altered Pro-Line 600w V3 Electric Skateboard

Technical specs:

  • The Motor – 36V brushed DC (with 600W peak)

  • Acceleration – 0-19mph in 4 seconds

  • Braking – 19-0 in 40 feet

  • Batteries – Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 36V 8a/h

  • Charging time – around 4 hours

  • Range – 8-10 miles

  • Wheels – StreetGhost 105mm 80a wheels

  • Dimensions (LxW) – 41.5inches x 10.5 inches

  • Weight – 42lbs

  • Max. Rider weight – 275lbs

Altered Pro-line 600w Electric skateboard V3 Has Great Acceleration

The motor can output up to 600W of power. Considering that the new generation of electric skateboards can output up to 2000W of power, this motor seems underwhelming.

But, it’s not all about the power. For the price of around $500, this is the best you can get.

The acceleration, on the other hand, is the thing that makes this electric Altered skateboard a fun experience.

It takes only 4 seconds to reach full speed, that’s something you don’t get with any other electric skateboard.

Top speed of 19mph is reasonably good, a vast majority of available electric skateboards can’t beat that top speed, even with stronger motors.

women on Altered Pro-Line 600w V3 Electric Skate board

We Test How Long The Batterty Lasts

The battery is sealed lead acid battery. SLA is the default battery you’ll get when you buy the Pro-Line 600 V3. With modern Li-ion batteries being integrated into new models, the SLA battery seems a little outdated. The weight of the battery can be a burden; Li-ion batteries are 1/3 the weight of SLA batteries. Also, the life cycle is much shorter with SLA batteries. SLA batteries offer around 400-500 recharges while Li-ion batteries offer up to 5000 cycles.

Lithium-ion batteries are discharged 100% versus less than 80% for lead acid ones. Most lead acid batteries do not recommend more than 50% depth of discharge, which can be a problem sometimes. The most important part is the environmental parameter. Li-ion batteries are much more environment-friendly than SLA batteries.

Not all is lost, though; Altered offers a unique possibility. Pro-Line 600 V3 can be upgraded to lighter weight, longer distance lithium battery packs any time. So, if you want to avoid the battery problems, and you want a more reliable one, consider ordering your Pro-Line 600 V3 with Li-ion batteries.

More Features Altered Electric Skateboard Range Offers

Charging time is quite good because some SLA batteries need up to 12 hours to recharge. A 4-hour recharge time is a breath of fresh air. The range is dictated by the battery power, rider weight, and the wheels. 8-10 miles is all in all an average range for modern electric skateboards. Max. Rider weight, on the other hand, is extraordinary. This board is among the top ones when it comes to endurance and max. Rider weight capacity.

The sheer weight of the board is not so impressive. 42lbs of weight is pretty heavy, to say the least. When you run out of batteries, or you simply want to cut some distance by using public transportation, carrying the Pro-Line 600 V3 will leave a mark on your muscles. Consider buying a bag or a backpack for your electric skateboard and you’ll solve the problem, or at least, minimize the issue.


One thing this skateboard thrives in is the lack of noise. The motors are silent and smooth. If you take into account, the motors are brushed, this is a nice overall improvement. Patented T2 torsion trucks twist and rebound to turn. Combining stability with tight turns, T2 are among the best trucks for this price.

The remote controller design stayed unchanged. The recognizable gun-like remote controller is one of the trademarks of the Altered skate board.. It’s quite easy to use the controller, pull the trigger to speed up and release the trigger to decelerate. User-friendly accessories are essential nowadays; no one wants a complicated piece of electronics in their hands while cruising down the road.

Our Final Verdict

Altered Pro-Line 600 V3 skate board is an excellent way to relax and enjoy. The small and compact design allows commuting even in the non-accessible areas. Although it’s not big as its competition, the weight can be a huge problem. As we said, take buying a bag into account, and you should be okay. The price is the biggest upside; $500 is quite cheap for these kind of performances. The quality of production is at a reasonable level. The guys from Altered are always working on improving the overall performances so that you can expect even better things in the future.

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