First vs Second Generation – Boosted Electric Skateboard Reviews

boosted board review

Boosted Boards are finally releasing the second generation of their electric skate boards. It’s been a long road of trials and errors, but these guys finally managed to launch their new second generation of Boosted boards. The advantages of the new board are many; we’ll try to review some of the most significant innovations. The trademark of Boosted Boards are the dual rear drive motors. They allow not only the power to both wheels for faster acceleration but also more powerful braking compared to the other, single-wheel-drive skateboard motors.

boosted board features

What’s the Difference?

A better water resistance is also introduced with the new generation skateboard. Users were worried about riding through puddles and water because they were scared not to damage any of the sensitive electronics beneath the deck.

The new generation offers better water resistance, you can now freely, without any worries, ride through small puddles and wet roads. Although these guys guarantee better water resistance, it’s not recommended to travel over moistened surfaces often. Try to avoid these conditions but if you happen to stumble upon some rain and puddles, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever riding under these circumstances.

A Whole New Generation of Boosted Electric Skateboards

The new generation also has an accessory port for plugging in various accessories like taillights and headlights. You can charge your smartphone as well via this accessory port. The remote controller’s design remained the same, but they integrated dual radio receivers for a better connection. Dual radio receivers offer a reliable connection with the board and losing the connection is much rarer now, although, the old remote controller worked fine as well. Also, you can connect your smartphone while riding the Boosted electric skate board.

Some of the mentionable changes are the trucks and the wheels. Trucks are now custom made, and the wheels are 80mm instead of 75mm with green accents to the core. Charging port is different now, so you can’t use your 1st generation Boosted skateboard charger with the new generation of Boosted electric skateboards. Everything is fine-tuned to give the board the best possible performance while the top speed remained the same.

The quality of production remained unchanged. The Boosted skateboard deck and the electronics are still made from the finest, top-quality materials available. Something Boosted can be proud of is the quality of manufacture. The bamboo decks, top-notch electronics, and an excellent customer support are still a part of their legacy.

What’s the Second Generation?

The second generation Boosted skateboard with a standard battery is as follows – around a thousand dollars ($1000) for the single, thirteen hundred dollars ($1300) for the Dual and fifteen hundred dollars ($1500) for the Dual+. The price is the same as the first generation. But, Boosted is selling boards with an extended battery pack. Remember, this doubles the range. It’s eleven hundred ($1100) for the single, around fourteen hundred ($1400) for the Dual, and sixteen hundred ($1600) dollars for the Dual+.  So, for an extra $100 you’ll get double the range, kind of a no-brainer. Also, Boosted is selling skateboard battery packs separately.  The price is around $300 for the standard and $400 for the double range batteries.

The new thing is the international shipping. With the new generation, Boosted started shipping worldwide.

By the end of the year, Boosted will start shipping to Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

new generation of boosted electric skateboards

Our Final Verdict

The new generation of Boosted Boards is, without a doubt, better than the first one. The extended range with the new batteries is fantastic. There will be no more struggles with the short 6-7 miles range. Swapping the batteries by yourself is a new commodity as well. Unlike the previous generation which had the battery screwed on the deck without the option to change it, the new generation allows the user to change the battery easily by unscrewing a few bolts. Water resistance offers you to ride your board under severe weather conditions. Although it’s not recommended for users to drive in the rain because of the bearings and the deck, small amounts of water won’t damage the sensitive electronics.

The ability to connect various things like LED lights, headlights, and smartphones is revolutionary, and it will certainly be well-accepted by the market. Boosted did a bit of work on their regenerative braking system as well; it should feel and work much better than the first generation. All in all, if you’re an enthusiast who likes to commute long distances and feel the wind in your hair, the second generation of Boosted Boards will make you satisfied.

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