Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

Is the Inboard M1 is the Best Electric Skateboard of 2017?

M1 Electric Skateboard is made by a company named Inboard. Inboard has constructed a revolutionary product on the electric skateboard scene. These guys take into consideration the consistent growth of modern technology, and they’re trying to keep up with it. The current models the market has to offer are getting outdated, mainly because of the design. M1 is a realtively expensive electric model considering it has a revolutionary design where everything is hidden in the deck instead of screwed or glued on the deck. This way you don’t have to worry about hitting a bump on the road and damaging the electronics. Everything is integrated and implemented into the model. First of all, let’s review some of the specifications.

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review


  • Top speed – 24mph

  • Power – 1000w (1600w max. output)

  • Range – 7-10 miles

  • Weight – 14lbs

  • Rider capacity – up to 250lbs

Regenerative Breaking System

The speed of the M1 is average. M1 is the model for beginners who like to start off slowly. The M1 model has two 1000w electric motors integrated into the wheels. You’ll notice a difference in oppose to other models on the market.

Others have motors with pulleys, and they’re usually screwed onto the deck. M1 motors are implemented into the wheels, so not only does it save space under the deck but it also gives you the ability to ride it like a regular model without resistance of the wheels.

Features the Inboard M1 Offers

Our Inboard electric skateboard review found that a range of 7-10 miles was the average life we got from the battery. The most important thing about this part is that company has implemented the battery into the deck too. You can easily swap the battery with the new, charged one. The classic electric skateboards don’t have this useful feature. You can charge one battery at home and pack it with you when you go out for a ride. That way you’ll be able to pull 14-20 miles with your M1 model and two batteries.

The weight of the M1 can be seen as a con. Although, it’s a pretty long and wide product, so it’s expected to weigh a bit more than usual. There are many bags and backpacks offered as an accessory, buying one solves this problem. You don’t have to carry your product in public transportation or busy traffic, buy a bag and your problem is solved.

2 boards

The rider capacity of 250lbs is rather impressive. The significant capacity tolerance means even overweight individuals can ride the M1 model without worrying about overheating the motors or causing a mechanical malfunction caused by overloading.

Product image

Regenerative braking is also a great thing. If you’re not familiar with the term “regenerative braking” we’ll try to explain as simple as possible. Regenerative braking is a method of braking in which energy is extracted from the parts and stored for further use. In other words, when you hit the brakes with the M1 model, you’ll restore a part of your battery. Also, when you’re riding this model while the motors are off, you’re restoring a part of the energy as well. Regenerative braking is a useful thing when you hit the critical point with the level of your battery.

remote controller

Inboard M1 Remote Controller

The remote controller is simple and user-friendly. The design is quite intuitive. It has a kill switch and a knob you use to accelerate or decelerate. You have to hold the kill switch the whole time. If you ever run into troubles or problems, releasing the kill switch stops the motors immediately. Using the knob is pretty simple too, forward for acceleration, backward for deceleration. There is also an application for smartphones which allows you to control your item if your remote controller battery dies.

Our Final Verdict

The design of this model is revolutionary. Hiding the accessories and electronics proved like the right idea. Instead of having a bulky low-end of your product packed with a massive battery and external motors, Inboard opted for the implementation of the parts. The other huge thing is the ability to ride it like a regular skateboard. With the motors off there is no resistance thus, the rider can push this model like a regular product. The swappable batteries are also a brilliant invention, unique as well. The ability to have more than one battery drastically increases the range of the Inboard M1 electric skateboard. This model is also equipped with LED lights, so driving at dusk is much safer.

The downside of this electric skateboard is the weight and the price. It’s a relatively heavy item, so if you purchase ,consider buying a bag for it. There are plenty of available bags and backpacks for around $50-$80. The price of this electric skateboard is the main con. It’s quite expensive and there are many cheaper versions are available on the market at the moment, but i’am very unsure if Inboard M1 electric model justifies its price with the low quality of production and immaculate performances.

We would recommend the Altered Fantom Skateboard ahead of the Inboard. It’s high quality and very affordable. Read the full review here.

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