Yuneec E-GO for iPhone – Is it the Best Electric Skateboard App?

Yuneec is a company from China known for their top-quality RC products. They thrive in the production of electric planes, drones, and electric motors in general. The E-GO electric skateboard is their latest RC product. What sets it apart from others on the market is the software support for mobile devices.

The most noteworthy thing about this manufacturer is the fact that no one else offers this system of remote control. It’s compact, simple, and easy to use. The primary way of controlling your electric board is, of course, the wireless remote controller. The design is quite simple; all you have to do to accelerate or decelerate is to slide the knob on the remote controller.

But, we’re going to focus on the secondary method of controlling your board which is the control via the E-Go app for iPhones. For all of you who don’t want to hold a piece of plastic but instead want to hold a smartphone in your hands while riding down the street, E-GO has a unique solution.

download e-go app for your iPhone

How To Sync Your E-Go Electric Skateboard With An iPhone

First of all, you need to go to your iPhone store and download the E-Go app. The second step is switching the mode to “Bluetooth”. The closest switch to your USB port is the mode switch. The rubber protection lid has an integrated pin with which you need to turn the switch to the other side. This can be done with a pen or a toothpick if you’re having trouble with the rubber pin.

It’s especially relevant to switch to the “Airplane mode” when you turn your board on, so that’s the third step.
Turn on the Bluetooth service on your phone and start searching for devices.

Open the E-GO Cruiser app, go to settings, and select your riding mode. You have two choices – Eco and Sport. With eco mode, you’ll preserve battery at the cost of reduced acceleration. With Sports mode, the acceleration is much better, but you’ll spend significantly more energy and your board will have much less range.

E-go App for iPhone

After that, scan the E-GO Cruiser ID and connect, if all goes well you’ll hear a beep. That’s it; you’re ready to hit the road.

The interface of the application itself is not complicated. There are no excess graphics; there is no useless information. With the help of E-Go app, you will be able to see not only the level of your E-GO battery, and the level of your iPhone battery, but also the level of the acceleration of your board.

One of the cool things about this application is that you don’t need to stare at your iPhone whenever you want to speed up or slow down. For the sake of safety, the software developers managed to solve this problem easily. You just place your thumb anywhere on the screen, slide upwards or downwards without ever needing to correspond to any graphics on the display. You don’t want to mess with your phone while cruising on a busy road.

Although the E-GO electric skateboard by Yuneec is a safe way to travel and have fun, it’s recommended you buy a case for your phone before hitting the road. It’s a safety precaution; you don’t want to drop your $800 phone on a concrete road.

Benefits Of Installing The E-GO App

There are two more modes this application offers. Slow mode (beginner mode) with a limited speed of 8mph and Fast (advanced) mode which goes up to 12.5mph. The application will notify the user of his current speed, the battery levels, and it has an integrated flashlight option for safer riding by night.

If you happen to receive a call while using Bluetooth remote controlling, the application will stop providing acceleration. The board will naturally come to a stop after few yards. This is also a safety precaution because you don’t want to talk on your phone while riding on a busy road and jeopardize the traffic as well as your life.


The battery indicator is divided into four fields. That means every LED light represents 25% of your battery.
While there is an application for iPhone available, sadly, Android users weren’t so lucky to get one. The company has announced the development of the Android app, but, years after, we’re still stuck with the iOS app only.

Our Final Verdict

Having an ability to control your board via an application is an impressive advantage. As we said, no one has managed to implement this feature yet; the E-GO is the first of its generation. Whether you like riding this board Tony Hawk style, or you simply want to cruise down the road and feel the light breeze in your hair, the iPhone app will come in handy. The application is very user-friendly, light, and it’s not packed with useless information.

There is one more advantage of using the app we want to point out before we end this article. When you’re riding on the beach and you’re trying to impress cute girls, it’s much easier to get their number if you’re already holding your phone in your hands.

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