Yuneec E Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard Review

What’s the Yuneec E Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard?

E-Go Cruiser electric skateboard is a product made by a famous company called Yuneec. They are from China, and they’re widely known for their top-quality RC products.

The Yuneec E-Go Cruiser electric skateboard is among the most affordable skateboards on the market at the moment. That’s the main upside, with other electric skateboards well over $1000, this $700 board seems like a nice way of saving some money while maintaining the level of quality. While this board won’t sweep you off your feet with its speed and power, it’s a pretty great board nonetheless. There is a number of cruiser skateboard reviews out there but we have taken our time to cover everything you need to know to now make an informed choice.

yuneec e go cruiser electric skateboard
Yuneec e go cruiser Skate board side shot


  • Top speed – 13 mph

  • Top range – 18 miles

  • Charge time – 3 to 5 hours

  • Max. Uphill climb – 10%

  • Weight – 14 pounds


The pros of the Yuneec E Go Cruiser skateboard are excellent. First of all, the large 90mm wheels offer a smooth ride regardless of the bumps you may stumble upon while traveling. The deck is made of Canadian Maple Wood, and it’s supposed to withstand up to 220lbs of weight while keeping the same performance.

The battery and the motor are located beneath the deck in a plastic compartment. Once you start riding this thing, the noise is almost non-existent.

Underneath the deck, there’s a power switch, a power port, and a USB port. Both of these ports have removable rubber plugs. The removable rubber plugs are here to protect against dust and other potentially malicious elements.

To switch the mode of hardware control to iPhone control is needlessly complicated and awkward. The switch on the board needs to be flipped itself.


Sadly, the switch is recessed thus requires a special tool although you can switch it with something simpler like a pen or a toothpick.

This is the main reason why we don’t see riders often switching controller modes. It’s somewhat complicated and annoying to use special tools every time you want to switch modes.

The Yuneec E Go Cruiser skate board battery will need 3 to 5 hours to recharge. The range you can cover with this model depends on your weight, riding style, and the condition of the road. The regenerative braking method is an excellent way to extend the riding distance of your E-GO.

To read more about the brand, please click here.

If you’re not familiar with the term “regenerative braking” we’ll try to explain the concept as simple as possible. Regenerative braking is a method of braking in which energy is extracted from braking parts and restored. In simple words, while you’re braking you’re returning some of the energy spent back to your battery.


The main thing riders are complaining about is the top speed. A vast majority of people would like to have a fast electric skateboard, but as we said, this product won’t blow your mind with raw power and ridiculous speed.

The things you need to focus on when it comes to E-GO are the quality and the durability of the product.

Amazon reviewers also pointed out the fact that this board brakes with only one wheel. The aesthetics could be better, to be honest.

With the super-cool looking futuristic designs of similar electric skateboards, the simple design of the Yuneec E-GO Electric skateboard Cruiser is quite underwhelming.

yuneec e-go skateboard

Connect Easily With Your iPhone

The Yuneec E Go electric skateboard offers a unique feature of controlling your board with your iPhone. It seems weird to use an $800 phone instead of the remote control, but it’s useful.

The design of their app is simple yet amazing. Without any additional graphics displayed it’s clean and readable. All you have to do to accelerate or decelerate is to move your finger up and down across your screen.

e_go_yuneec side

There are two modes available – Eco and Sport. With ECO driving you preserve battery for the cost of reduced speed. In Sports mode, however, acceleration is much faster, but the battery life suffers.

The application clearly notifies users of their battery status on the board, current speed, and the battery level of your phone. It also has a flashlight switch integrated for safer night rides.

If you receive a phone call while you’re using the app, the app will automatically stop providing acceleration to the board. Naturally, the board slows down. It comes in handy because of the safety; you don’t want to be distracted by a phone call while riding on a busy road.

Consider buying a case for your phone in case you fall off from your E-GO electric skateboard. You don’t want to wreck an $800 phone because of a small bump on the road. It’s not mandatory to use the iPhone though; the hardware remote controller is just as good.

One advantage of the Yuneec E-GO Cruiser skateboard is the ability to adjust your speed through the mobile app or remote control. If you feel like you’re going too fast? Simply use the remote or app to slow yourself down. Want to go faster or overtake someone? No problem.

Braking is the one area where we think they can improve with the Yuneec E-Go. If going down a hill, trying to brake only seemed to have a small effect and when it did start to slow down, the skateboard would slightly lean to the left-hand side since the motor is mounted on that side. This can take time to get used to and typically only affects beginners.

Our Final Verdict

The price is the main thing about E-Go Cruiser. It’s way cheaper than other boards on the market maintaining the same quality as those. It’s recommended for people who like smooth rides and like feeling the wind in their hair. It’s light enough to be carried around in a backpack. So, whenever you end up with an empty battery, you won’t have to call Mr. Schwarzenegger to help you carry it back home.

Considering what the board has got to offer, you really do get value for money. When you do the sums and look at the price difference between the competition, this is worth a look over. If your main reason for buying a board is visiting friends, running errands and overall reducing your traveling time, then this product will be ideal for you.

The iPhone app is impressive. It’s user-friendly and easy to use. Also, bear in mind, none of the other electric skateboards on the market offer this feature. Regenerative braking will, as we said, help you keep the level of your battery.


Yuneec has the reputation of having one of the best customer supports. If you happen to stumble upon any problems with your E Go Cruiser skateboard, don’t despair. Their well-organized customer support will be more than happy to help you solve the problem.

All in all, the range of E Go is excellent. The hardware is top-quality. The software is well-written, and the iPhone support is a unique feature. The E-GO electric skate board top speed could be better and the charging time could be lower. Future models will surely get an improvement in these aspects. We give the thumbs up in this E GO Cruiser skate board review.

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