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You can feel free to contact us with any uncertainties you might have about electric skateboards. Our primary goal is to provide useful information to potential customers. The main thing is we’re not biased in any way nor are we hired by any company in particular. We aim to write the  best electric skateboard reviews on the web and all of our articles are objectively written. You’ll see we try to highlight the pros the same as we try to highlight the cons of a particular product. The goal is to help you buy the optimal product for yourself. So, if you’re not a speed enthusiast but you like long rides and durability, some of our reviews will help you pin-point the exact thing you want to buy.

Our staff is polite, patient, and well-mannered. Having an excellent support staff is crucial for a healthy relationship with people. Please, bear in mind, we try to help everybody with their problems, so a short delay between questions and answers is possible. However, your question will be answered as soon as possible. Stay civilized and friendly and we’ll give our best to help you with your issues and problems. The best way to contact us is via e-mail.

Before asking a question, please make sure you’ve searched through the whole website for the answer. Many questions have already been answered in some electric skateboard review comments. A vast majority of people ask already answered questions. If you don’t manage to find an answer on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. Please refrain yourself from making jokes, asking trivial questions, and overall abusing the contact, you’re not helping anyone. Remember, we’re here for you, whatever you have to ask you’re free to do so while following these simple rules.

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