Get The Best Skateboard Wheels In 2017

Where To Find the Best Electric Skateboard Wheels

Wheels are an essential accessory for any skateboard. Be it standard or electric, a vast majority of the best electric skateboard wheels are made from polyurethane. Polyurethanes are produced by mixing two or more liquid streams. The polyol stream contains catalysts, surfactants, blowing agents and so on. The two components are referred to as a polyurethane system, or simply a system. It is important to understand the different characteristics that the various types of wheels offer in terms regards to handling, ride, acceleration, speed and feel when selecting the most suitable wheels for you and your board.

Things to Consider About Replacement Wheels

When it comes to the selection, the most important thing is the diameter. The diameter varies, but the average value is around 3 to 3.5 inches. The 3-inch wheels are the most popular ones, mainly because they offer a perfect hollow core that’s perfect for passing bolts through and securing the wheel pulley. The wheels can be bigger or smaller than these average diameters, but you’ll encounter some major differences in driving if you opt for smaller or larger wheels. Additionally, if you go for wheel diameters outwith the norm then this will limit the choice of wheel-related accessories you can fit and could adversely affect the performance and/or lifespan of an electric motor.

For example, the bigger the diameter, the more your top speed increases, but that is at the expense of torque. With larger ones, you get more speed but less acceleration. This is because the bigger wheels create additional rolling resistance which the motor has to work harder to overcome. Low torque output is not great; you want as much torque as possible. Companies tend to implement stronger motors instead of changing the diameter of the wheels. On the other hand, a smaller set offers lower top speeds but much more torque. There is, naturally, a limit of how small in diameter you can go and that’s mainly because of the ground clearance and pulley limitations. Smaller wheels can also make the board feel less stable, making it harder to ride with a greater potential for accidents.
Off-road skateboard wheels are a lot tougher than standard wheels but don’t look visually nice. You wont need to replace them due to the design of them. Do expect to pay a higher price for them and make sure they fit onto your board.

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Improvement and Replacement

There are wheels with electric motors built into them. This method of manufacturing is better because it saves space under the deck. If you have your motor integrated into your wheels, the company will have much more room to, for example, make a larger battery thus improving overall performance. This also means that the weight of the electric motors is distributed evenly to the four corners of the board, resulting in better handling and improved maneuverability.

The durability is also important. They come in different strength values. For example, the softer they are, the more grip they’ll have but less drag. The harder they are the more drag they have but less grip. It depends on your driving style, so bear this ratio in mind when you decide to buy some new wheels for your board. The average hardness of them is around 80a. It goes down to around 70a and up to 90a. This scale helps with your choice and helps you to determine the desired hardness according to your driving style.

Changing them isn’t hard. Prevoiusly before this could have been a complex operation, but companies tend to make it as simple as possible to allow riders to change them on their own. It saves a lot of time, and it also saves you money. You don’t have to ship your electric skateboard back to the store and wait for days even weeks for a simple fix. You’ll get the needed tools for replacement with almost every electric skateboard sold nowadays. With a short instruction manual, changing them is a piece of cake.


Inboard: The Unique Wheel Design

The Inboard electric skateboard has unique wheels. They have the motor integrated into the wheels instead onto the board or trucks. This revolutionary design of integrating the motor into the wheels allows the company to put more accessories below the deck because there’s more room for additional parts. This method of production will become more and more popular in the future. The old style with pulleys and serrated gear wheels are becoming history. The new, modern ones, offer more durability and compactness.

There are also off-road wheels. Off-road is bigger than the regular ones; they are about 8 inches in diameter. The off-road wheels are usually used on mountain boards because they offer incredible grip and conquer the road bumps and curves easily. They are made of rubber-like materials, and they look like regular car wheels, only smaller.


So if you’re looking for the best skateboard wheels, please remember, bigger doesn’t always mean better. The diameter of the wheels and the materials they’re made of are the most important parameters. If you want speed, choose bigger. If you want good torque, choose smaller. Replacing these things won’t be a problem whatsoever.

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