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You’re on a website where we describe everything about the lastest electric skateboard brands and models for you. If you’re planning on buying an electric skateboard, you should conduct a thorough research on our page and inform yourself about your possibilities. The reviews are in-depth, detailed reports which should help you make the right choice when buying an electric skateboard for yourself. We try not to be biased, and we try to describe new and old models objectively. This way we’re not influencing your decision but rather helping you to make a conclusion. Set up your budget, decide what kind of performances you want and need, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your choice by doing the reviews.

We have helped many potential riders and electric skateboard enthusiasts. People are always sending us positive feedback and support tickets praising our work. This level of trust and respect makes us even more motivated to do better in the future. An excellent customer support service is crucial for a healthy relationship. We have the reputation of being among the best sites for electric skateboards reviews.

best electric skateboard reviews

Lewis W. Deloatch

Lewis has been a skateboard enthusiast as long as he can remember. Growing up in the 90s allowed him to have idols like Tony Hawk and Tony Alva. These guys made history and every kid on the block wanted to be like them. Lewis graduated school, started working and bought the first electric skateboard for himself. Although he grew up and became an adult, the love for skateboarding never left his life. Lewis now writes reviews and reports about various electric skateboards to help potential customers find the perfect one for themselves. He also rides electric skateboards and loves the adrenaline.

Carl A. Mitchell

Carl is from California, and he loves riding his skateboard on hot summer days. The love for skateboarding came from various TV shows he has watched as a teenager. All those cool guys with awesome skateboards made Carl want to become a skater as soon as possible. Although he never went pro, the desire for the adrenaline stayed high. Becoming an adult made Carl reconsider his life goals, and he stopped visiting the skate parks. Though he isn’t very active nowadays, occasional cruising by the beach gives him the inspiration to write good reviews and product reports. Carl likes to help people make the right choices.

Kevin A. Harris

Kevin is from NYC. As a relatively young man, he’s informed about the new technology and future development of electric skateboards. He’s a great addition to our team because nothing is coming on the market that Kevin doesn’t know about already. Going to college can be tough sometimes, but Kevin found the way to relax and do what he loves doing the most – writing reviews and giving quality advice to potential new riders. Kevin does ride the electric skateboard himself, considering he’s living in New York City, it’s the best way to commute and gather useful information about the product as well.

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