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If you’ve bought a motorized skateboard and think it’s the greatest thing ever, great! If you’ve bought a board and modified it to make it even better, awesome! We want to hear your story. Likewise, if you disagree with something we wrote, let us know. We don’t make the skateboards, we just use them. Unlike other sites, we are dedicated to providing you a 100% honest review site.

We’re completely unbiased and are learning about great new innovations with electronic skateboards the same time as everyone else. The boards we recommend we recommend because we like them. After you’ve read through our content, feel free to write us if you’re confused or are uncertain about anything. We want everyone to experience the thrill of electric skateboards, and are always here to answer your questions. We sincerely want you to be happy with the board you choose to buy.

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No matter who you speak to at, you’re going to get a thoughtful response. We’re never going to scold you for asking what other skaters would think of as a lame question. When you get down to it, electronic skateboards are a far cry away from regular skateboards. Some of the technology in them is pretty intense! So there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Please ask any question you have. Because we’re just people over here, you’re not going to get an AI driven canned response. With that in mind, we may not get to your question as fast as you would like, but we do promise to always reply. Before you contact us, all we ask is that you double check that the answer isn’t already on the site and that you treat us as respectfully as we promise to treat you.