Know Which Electric Skateboard Brands are the Best on the Market

Electric skateboards have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Because of that, there are countless brands to choose from. But how do you know which are fantastic and which should be swerved around?

By getting the low-down ahead of time.

With the right information, you can ask the right questions – in the store or online – to ensure you purchase the exact board you’re after. No more disappointing ‘cons’ – you’ll shop fully aware. Does the motor have enough power? Does the battery last a long time? What’s the top speed? Does it have anti-jerk features? What are the safety specs? With the right knowledge, you’ll make a purchase that counts.


Evolve was first started in 2012 in Australia by a married couple, Jeff and Fleur Anning. Jeff found the flimsy materials of other electric skateboards to be too frustrating. As such, they designed and built one of their own. Now, Evolve serves 30 different countries, has won multiple awards for their designs, and has nine different board designs.


Started in 2012, Boosted was born when three grad students wanted a better way to get around campus. Their first step was to set up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their project. Through the campaign, they received over $450,000 and were able to manufacturer the first Boosted board. Now, Boosted offers four different boards and is in the process of unveiling a scooter in July of 2019.


Backfire was founded in 2009 by two students, Randy Jee and Jerry Tong, who were tight on cash, but looking for a way to get around campus. They first started with manual skateboards, but soon moved into the electric versions in 2012. They now offer four different versions of their electric skateboards, along with all the accessories.


Founded by a group of friends, Altered became the first company to make a wireless electric skateboard in 1997. Now with Bravo Sports, Altered is making the Fantom 1.0. This seems to be the only board Altered is selling at the moment, as they have no websites or social media accounts, other than the ones associated with this board.


Compared to the other electric skateboard brands on the market, Benchwheel is a relatively small company. With warehouses in Germany and the U.S., Benchwheel provides much more affordable electric skateboards. Prices range between $300 and $400, covering seven different skateboard designs. However, Benchwheel doesn’t limit their inventory; they also offer six different types of scooters, 20 different kinds of ATVs, and all the parts you need.


Inboard started with Theo Cerboneschi, an Aerospace Engineering student at Colorado University. He aimed to design a better (and more fun) way to get around campus; in spring of 2014, he finally got it. He took on more team members and started a Kickstarter campaign. Their goal of $100,000 was met within the first 24 hours. Now, the brand sells the M1 electric skateboard internationally.