The Best Electric Skateboard Brands in 2017

Know The Best Electric Skateboard Brands From The Bad

There’s a growing number of manufacturers hitting the market, and they all promise to be the best brand ever, but how can you tell?

By understanding everything about the product you can put questions back to the manufacturer or retailer when you’re looking to buy a good electric skateboard. So, by now you know a motorized board is a modified skateboard driven by an electric motor. Usually, it’s controlled remotely via radio frequency device. Just like regular skateboards, you steer these things by shifting your weight.

The grandfather of electric skateboard was made in 1975 and was called “The Motorboard.” In the mid-1970s they were banned because they were gas powered thus creating pollution and noise. Lucky for all of us times have changed, and boards are motorized and practically incognito, and to top it all off, they look cool AF!

Electric skateboards are now quicker and safer in 2017. Last year saw a surge in sales of electric skateboards with many brands popping up every month trying to get a piece of the market. Due to the competition, it is getting to the point where it takes some serious innovation and quality material to stand out in the electric skateboard industry; features like regenerative braking and in-wheel motors.

It’s interesting to see how different companies take different approaches to building an electric skateboard. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new hobby or just look cool surfing the pavement, the coolest electric skateboards are here for you to check out.

Motorized skateboards are designed for a casual skate or just your morning commute, but when it comes to design, boards range in regards to speed and functionality. If you plan on riding your board far distances than you’re going to want to look for something with long battery life, and if you are looking for style, there are a number of boards that have amazing aesthetics too.

But the most important thing any skater is looking for is a board that is durable and can survive stacks time after time after time. But I’m sure most of you are thinking I want the best electric skateboard money can buy in 2017, why do I just have to choose one feature? If you’re this guy, lucky for you in 2017, you can have it all and there are brands today that tick all the boxes. So, listen carefully as we go through some of the best electric skateboard brands.

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Boosted was established in 2013 by three people, Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen, and Matthew Tran. The company promised a premium electric board with the help of Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

They have set their goal at $100K. The campaign was a huge success with over $400K generated from backers. Ever since their massive success, Boosted has been producing top-quality electric products.

They now have two generations of available products. The first generation was criticized by the public for its price (over $2000) and labeled as unaffordable. The average boosted electric skateboard price dropped about 25% less later due to the consumer’s pressure.

The second generation got mainly positive feedback from big review magazines and the public. The growth in quality between two generations of their products is noticeable. They have invested in almost every aspect of their product, from better batteries to new Bluetooth receivers. The potential of this company is great, and the quality of production is top-notch.

We expect this company to go from strength to strength. They have a fantastic and creative management team who really do focus on creating high-quality electric skateboards.

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InBoard innovated a brand-new generation of products. They integrated the motor in the wheels rather than on the board.
The particular characteristic of their product is the simplicity and awesome cosmetics. Their products look imposing and futuristic.

InBoard were the first to present replaceable battery packs. It means that you have unlimited range. As soon as you start running low on the battery, you can simply swap it for a new one.

They have also integrated hyper-bright LED lights into their products. Now you’re seen on the road by other traffic participants, and it also enables you to see the road in front of you.

They had a campaign on Kickstarter for their newest product, the Inboard M1. They got over 500 backers to pledge over $400K to help bring the project to life. The company is well known for their immaculate quality of production as well as constant development.

This brand has many positive reviews on forums and social media due to the high-quality material of the board and fantastic customer service. We can’t rate this company highly enough.

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Yuneec is a company that produces E Go electric skateboard products, and they are market leaders in the field of electric motors for lightweight aircraft. They recently started producing products and are gaining a lot of market share due to the quality. In fact, their product is among the best ones in the world, at the moment.

With little weight and long durability and range (over 30km), it’s a quite serious contestant for a place in the top of the list.

The hardware they use for production is top-quality. Everything from batteries to wheels is grade-A.

Prices are also quite affordable bringing Yuneec to the top of the list.

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Benchwheel is a Chinese electric manufacturer. What separates them from their competition is the affordability and availability of their products.

Another significant fact about this company is slim case design which makes their products appear like the standard skateboard.

Benchwheel has many video tutorials and guides online helping customers adapt to their new board quickly.

The team’s primary focus is to make Benchwheel electric skateboard designs as minimalistic and keep the simplicity of their products. If you are a beginner looking for an easy-to-ride board with a simple controller, you will like products they have to offer.

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In 2006 a group of friends realized the potential behind the product. These guys come from diverse backgrounds, the one thing they had in common was the passion for electric skateboards.

The Altered brand knows that skateboarding has always been about fun and excitement. This is evident with their products.

They do state on their website that it does not matter how old you are, their boards are a perfect way to commute at any age. It allows you to clear your head, get some fresh air and enjoy your travels.

Today, Altered is a serious company. Their products are powerful, silent and upgradable.

How Fast do Electric Skateboards go?

The type of electric skateboard parts a board has is a big factor in how fast it will go. Weather conditions are one of the crucial factors for the speed of your motorized skateboard, the terrain as well. One of the most important factors is the state of your battery and the level of charge. Riding style affects the speed as well as your weight. The maximum speed is about 16–25 mph. Speed depends on a model, terrain, and battery state.

These products are a great thing, an economical method of transportation. The best thing about them is that there’s no age limit. Everyone can learn to drive these; the prices are extremely affordable by now. With the constant development and new technology, we can expect nothing but the improvement of design and performances.

When you compare the first generation with the last one, the difference is huge. Technology is one of the fastest growing things nowadays, so expect a massive improvement in this industry. Choosing the perfect brand will not be easy. They are all pretty similar, and they all have top-quality products. It’s more a thing of an individual preference than quality. There are no bad brands on the market nowadays.

We did a thorough research to help you find the best suiting one for yourself. Fine-tune the price range, concentrate on the batteries and durability. Once you start using this product, you’ll never look back again.

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Who Invented the Electric Skateboard?

Back in the 1970s, the first “electric” skateboard wasn’t even electric. It had a motor, and it used petrol. Because of the noise and pollution, they were later banned.

Louie Finkle was the pioneer of electric skateboards. In the late 1990s, he introduced the world to them. It was revolutionary, and it was an instant hit. The only problem was the affordability; it was quite expensive.

In 2006 a group of friends recognized the great potential of electric skateboards and started designing the concept. With their talents and skills, they managed to make the first product in the world. A new era of super-cool electric products began with these guys.

The technology has advanced immensely from the 1970s thus enabling these guys to integrate a lot of new stuff. Wireless control, batteries, softer wheels, and lighter products.

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