Altered Electric Skateboards – Our Review of the Brand

Altered Electric Skateboards, is it the Best Brand of 2017?

Altered skateboards were founded when a group of friends realized the potential of producing electric skateboards. Back in the 1990s Electric Louie (Louie Finkle) invented and patented the wireless Altered electric skate board. It was an engineering marvel, designed almost perfectly, but the price was just too high. Now the price has come down and it has become of the most popular products on the market.

However, with all the different choices available now, it is hard for beginners to choose which board is best for them. Now if you’re a parent looking to buy your little one an electric skateboard for the first-time, this can be a daunting task.

The reality is, there is a ton of boards out there for kids, but Altered electric skate boards have been leading the way with regards to design and affordability.

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The Company Background

In 2006 a group of friends realized the potential behind electric skateboarding and founded Altered. With their brilliance and talent combined, they started a new era in the world of extreme sports. These guys come from diverse backgrounds, from college students to private business owners. The one thing they have in common is the love for motorized skateboards. Today, almost ten years later, Altered is a serious company. They have six generations of products behind them. The modern technology is a never-ending roller-coaster of changes and the guys from Altered try to follow every step of the way.

Although the technology is always changing, they’ve kept the original Louie’s design. The reason why they didn’t work much on the design is that it works. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. They patented the wireless controller technology. Their first wireless electric product by Exkate rolled off the line in 1997. Their products are powerful, extremely quiet and upgradable. Users can upgrade to lithium battery packs which weigh less and last for a longer distance.

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The Technology Behind Altered Electric Skate boards

Their first wireless product rolled off the line in 1997. An Altered Electric Skate board is both a skateboard and a wireless computer. They have patented the wireless feature, and they partnered with an American electronics corporation to raise the bar to the highest levels. They integrated the USA electronics that are completely silent, and compatible with lithium battery packs.

Patented Exkate torsion trucks twist and rebound to turn. Right out of the production these trucks made a revolution in turning technology. Nothing comes close to the T2 torsion trucks when it comes to stability, speed, and a tight turning radius. With the T2, they have cleaned up the lines and changed up the bushings to provide more options to ride your Altered electric wireless skateboard exactly the way you want.

Altered motto is – have as much fun as possible. That’s why these guys are dedicated to producing more and more fun models. Their products are a perfect way to relax after an exhausting day full of work obligations and tight schedules.

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The Accessories

The Altered electric skate board have two revolutionary products available in their shop at the moment. Their products are relatively cheap considering they’re top quality products. We have reviewed 2 of their most top selling product’s Fanton 1.0 and Pro-Line 600 v3

Altered Fantom 1.0 is small 100w which guarantees a lot of fun. Sadly, it’s for kids and riders below 120lb. This product has a quiet belt drive system, and it can develop speeds up to 10mph. It’s easier to ride than a standard skateboard because both of your feet stay on the deck while you gradually accelerate and brake.

This little beast offers up to 40 minutes of fun riding. Patented T2 torsion trucks allow tighter turns and powerful transitions. The second product they’re offering is the much more serious Pro-Line 600 V3.

This board is the real deal. It’s the latest updated version of Altered’s number one selling board, and it’s available under $500. The best thing about this thing is its acceleration. It goes from 0-19mph in 4 seconds. Many reviews online have mentioned they have fallen off due to the acceleration speed so always wear a helmet. The product weighs a hefty 42lbs, and it offers a range of about 10 miles per charge. It can be upgraded to lighter weight long distance lithium battery packs at any time. Many reviews online have mentioned they have fallen off the skateboard due to the speed it can go.

“Runs like a Ferrari, built like a tank”. It’s a formula car for your feet! It sure does feel like a Ferrari with the acceleration it offers.

Our Final Verdict

The Altered motorized skateboard has a great reputation for being innovative and constantly upgrading their products while keeping the design as close to the original as possible. Many first time users choose this wireless skateboard purely based on the reputation and key features that the brand has to offer. The prices are affordable, and they don’t lack the quality of production with the skateboards being built in the US.

It has a number of other useful features that make it safe for children to use. This gives parents peace of mind knowing their kid is on probably one of the child-friendly boards. They have safety features like a kick tail which helps users be in control of the board more. The boards have specially designed trucks and a simple remote control that anyone can understand and use. It is so easy that most kids will be to pick it up and ride their board safely within minutes.

We would recommend the Altered skateboards to anyone that is looking to buy one of these in the near future. It is reliable, sturdy and very rarely brakes down. There are other comparable product brands but it is certainly one of the top ones if not the best one today!

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