Electric Skateboard Parts and Accessories

Replacing Parts On Your Electric Skateboard

Parts and accessories are an important part of your electric skateboard. Nowadays, electric skateboards are made to be as simple as they can be. The companies are putting a lot of effort in simplifying the design to allow the customers to fix their electric skateboards quickly by themselves. You even get a set of tools needed, to replace the wheels, unscrew the battery, or change your trucks. Having these tools is an excellent way to learn something and also save money. You don’t need to “call a guy” or take your motorized skateboard back to the store; you can do it all by yourself. The second thing is that you can buy parts separately over the internet.

If you want wheels from one company and the trucks from another, it’s possible. You can purchase what you want and replace the part by yourself, without the help of others. There are a lot of available electric skateboard parts and accessories on the Internet; if you dig deep enough, you can even find some good deals for less amount of money. The technology is advancing on a daily basis. Whether you need batteries, wheels, or even motors, you can find it all on the Internet and upgrade your motorized skateboard by yourself.



Batteries for motorized skateboards are mainly rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The main reason behind this is the weight of the batteries. For example, Li-ion battery packs weigh about 11lbs while old (sealed lead acid) batteries weigh over 35lbs. The lifetime of a Li-ion battery varies depending on quality, but they have about 1000 charging cycles on average before they die out.

By increasing the battery capacity, you get much more range to cover. Modern Li-ion batteries can cover up to 19 miles of range while riding at top speed consistently. If you put recharging cycles in perspective, 1000 charges equal more than three years of daily recharging.

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The Wheels

The best skateboard wheels for electric and standard boards are made of polyurethane. They come in many different sizes and shapes to suit various types of skating. Larger width sizes like 2.16 – 3.35 inches roll faster, perform better over cracks in the pavement, and are better in general. There are also off-road motorized skateboards which have wheels made of rubber-like materials and can have up to 10 inches of width. Companies make these wheels for off-road enthusiast and experienced skaters. They offer more traction and stability over rough terrain. The wheels are easily replaceable with the right tools. Besides having high-quality wheels, it is also important to pick the right sized wheels for your board. Small wheels have an impact on your speed and more importantly, affects how much you can control the board on different terrains. Having large wheels gives you a much smoother ride and allows you to go over cracks on pavements. 


The Deck

Decks are obviously one of the main electric skateboard parts you want to feel comfortable with. Please avoid buying some cheap plastic material. An electric skateboard should be one that is tough and does not break or crack with the slightest dent. If you’re a beginner learning how to ride a skateboard for the first time then, unfortunately you will crash and the board will take some hits.

The best skateboard decks are usually made out of layered wood. To be able to achieve perfect durability and excellent flexibility at the same time, companies tend to make their boards with high-quality wood and, usually, fiberglass. The reason for layering is simple. When you layer the wood, you get much more resilience, and the board is stronger. If you make a board out of a solid piece of wood, it has a tendency to break.

The length varies, and it depends on your desired riding style. If you want to cruise down the road, then you need longer boards. If you’re more of an enthusiast, and you like curves and dangerous routes, a shorter board will suit you better. The average length of a board is about 30 to 35 inches.



The weight of your electric skateboard is important for the speed and drivability. The heavier your board is, the slower it will go, or it will need a more powerful motor, to run properly. Companies try hard to reduce the weight of their electric skateboards to the minimum. If you put that in perspective, the electric skateboard powered by two 1800w motors will drive much faster with a lighter board.

The weight of the boards available on the market is diverse. From light boards with only 5 or 6 pounds of weight up to around 15 to 17 pounds. The stability, though, is also dictated by the weight of the board. Heavier boards tend to be more stable than the lighter ones.


Electric Skateboard Parts With Power

One of the most important features to consider before buying an electric skateboard is the power of the motor. A powerful electric skateboard will allow you to go quicker and reach your destination a lot sooner. Many first time buyers buy an underpowered electric skateboard which in our opinion is a waste of money.

Electric skateboards run on electricity. Electrical energy is measured in watts (w). The more watts your electric motors have, the more power you’ll output. The top speed of your electric skateboard is also determined by the amount of watts your motors have. Another important thing is the uphill climbing.

The power is crucial for uphill riding, the more watts your electric skateboard motor has, the better it will perform going up the hill. The market is full of all sorts of different electric motors. The power varies from 800w up to 1800w. Some companies even integrate two or four motors on their boards for better incline and speed.



Having a high-quality electric skateboard backpack is crucial for commuting. If you’re carrying a lot of stuff with you while cruising with an electric skateboard, you need a bag to pack your luggage. The market is full of different backpacks and bags for electric skateboards. They’re all specially made for electric skateboards and have particular compartments for various pieces of equipment.

Some bags offer the ability to slide them on your electric skateboard and drive around not thinking about your bag at all. The bags for electric skateboards cost around $100.

Understanding all Types of Electric Skateboard Parts

Buying parts and installing them yourself is much better than sending your electric skateboard back to the company for a tiny fix. The ability to change the parts without anyone’s help saves you time and money. Be sure to conduct a thorough research before you buy individual parts. By searching the internet, you’ll find some great deals. Make sure to buy top-quality products with warranties included to avoid any inconveniences.

Once you have decided to purchase a product that you really like, make sure to visit our homepage first to check out our reviews to help you out before making a commitment. Hope this article has helped you, enjoy!

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