Nuts and Bolts of Electric Skateboards

Deciding you’re going to build an electric skateboard is one thing. Getting all the parts, and putting it together, takes dedication and more than a little bit of know how. How can you determine what parts you need and which accessories are best? Furthermore, once you have it together, what’s the best way to carry it around?

That’s what we’re here for. Let’s walk through each part, what it does, and what the best models are on the market.


The deck of an electric skateboard is one of the most important aspects. It’s what you’ll be standing on, so it’s crucial that it’s both durable and sturdy. When shopping for the right one, make sure you choose the best quality you can afford. If it’s not visually to your liking, you can always change that later.


The wheels you choose all depend on the kind of terrain you prefer to ride your electric skateboard on. If you’re sailing across smooth surfaces, a smooth wheel is perfect for you. However, if you aim to ride on uneven or slightly rocky terrain, you’ll need to invest in wheels with a little more traction and grip.


Whether you plan on whipping through the streets or taking a leisurely ride, you need a high-quality motor to get your electric skateboard moving. No matter what brand of motor you end up choosing, it should be a brushless out-runner DC motor with aKV rating between 170 and 245. You’ll also want between 1500-3000 watts.


To power the motor and go any kind of distance on your skateboard, you need a battery. There are two choices available: a Li-ion or a Lipo battery. Both work similarly, with the Li-ion being more durable, but more expensive. How far you want to go will determine how many volts and ampere hours you need the battery to have.


Now that you have your electric skateboard all built, how are you going to carry it around? You may not be able to ride it everywhere, instead needing a way to pack it with you. That’s what a skateboard backpack is for. You can easily slide the board inside and be on your way.