Benchwheel Electric Skateboards – Our Review of the Brand

About Benchwheel

Benchwheel is a company from China, and they produce electric skateboards. The main thing about Benchwheel electric skateboard products is the price. All of their products are notably cheaper than the similar products on the market. Their team consists of brilliant engineers. They have six electronics engineers, four mechanical engineers, two software engineers, and four procurement administrators. It’s a team of people working day and night to improve the quality of their products.

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Which Benchwheel Electric Skateboard is the Best?

The Benchwheel Dual 2000w skateboard is their primary product. It’s a super-fast well designed product that is great fun. The price is around $700 which is about the half of the price of similar electric skateboards. The cheapness and affordability are the main elements Benchwheel Company thrives in. It’s made out of three layers of hardwood and two layers of fiberglass. This design offers great flexibility and agility.

The sturdy high-clearance metal box protects the batteries and electronics when going over rough terrains, bumps, and puddles. The slim case design provides a low visible signature, making the Benchwheel appear like a non-electric skateboard. The incognito factor is awesome. No one will ever know you’re using an electric skateboard until you start riding it. Two powerful motors offer an immense amount of power and uphill incline. You won’t have any problems whatsoever riding this thing uphill at top speed. The weight supported is around 250lbs which is more than enough.

The battery is great. The company estimates about 1000 charges before it needs replacement. If you put that in perspective, that’s around three years of daily recharging. Considering you’re not going to recharge your battery every day, you can expect this battery to last at least five years. The company developed its own brushless and senseless motor, and unlike the standard ones integrated into other electric skateboards, this motor offers more stability. The most important thing is that it’s quiet.

They also have a cheaper version of this board called Generic Single Drive 1800w Electric Skateboard B1. It’s almost the same as the Benchwheel Dual; the only difference is that this board has a single motor. The performances are quite similar, and the price is about $200 lower.

The remote controllers Benchwheel produce are easy to use, and they’re pretty user-friendly. It’s not complicated to master the remote controller. The simplicity of the product is the main parameter guys from Benchwheel focus on.

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Great Customer Support

First of all, a vast majority of their customers reported a fantastic customer support.  Many other skate board companies have a bad reputation when it comes to customer service but not Benchwheel.

The quality of production is consistent. For someone who wants to be a major producer of electric skateboards, this is a major positive. Consistency and good quality are two essential elements for a successful business.

Regenerative braking is an upside. If you don’t know what regenerative braking is, it’s a method of braking in which energy is extracted from the braking parts and restored for further use. In other words, when you brake with your electric skateboard, you restore a part of the energy spent. This technology is widely used nowadays, and it’s a positive thing Benchwheel decided to integrate it into their products as well, to keep up with the competition.

Our Final Verdict

All in all, the Benchwheel electric skate board is a good solution for anyone looking to buy a quality product. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, they have products that will be suitable for you. However, you should conduct a thorough research before you decide to buy any of their products. The prices are higher compared with other electric skateboard brands but the quality of the product does speak for it self.

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