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boosted electric skateboard

Boosted is an American manufacturer of electric skateboards based in California. The company has been founded by three people, Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen, and Matthew Tran. They are in the business of making electric skateboards and are widely known for the top-quality of the production.

The Company Background

Boosted electric skateboards began as a Kickstart project promising a top-notch motorized skateboard. These guys wanted to make a “Boosted Board” and their goal was to generate $100K via Kickstart backers. The project was a massive success, and it made over $460K. Right at that moment, the history was made. The original Boosted Board was renamed The Dual+ in 2011. Two brand-new models were announced called “The Dual” and “The Single.” They were brand new regarding software upgrades. They developed fresh new software and integrated it into the new models. The old, Dual+ also received the software update following the announcement. Today, their most popular design is easliy the Boosted Dual+ 2000w electric skate board which has broken sales records as well.


All pre-upgrade and Kickstarter models of Dual+ were updated with new software at no extra cost. Following the growth of the company, naturally, they they developed a new design in 2016 called “Booster Board 2.” With the new technology came new features. The batteries are now switchable giving you the ability to cover more distance with your motorized skateboard.

Always Innovatiing & Upgrading

This is a notable innovation because the main problem with the first generations of motorized skateboards was the battery and the range covered with one charge. With this improvement, the Boosted electric skate board has managed to open a whole new level of driving these things. You can now cover greater distances than before thus increasing your enjoyment in their excellent products. They also introduced water resistance with the new model. Puddles, rain, and humid environment don’t affect your motorized skateboard anymore. You can freely skate wherever you want and not be afraid of moistening your precious board.

80mm Orangatang Kegel wheels were integrated into the new board offering better grip and traction. An exposed core with a broad cross section reduces weight and provides good acceleration, momentum, and clear slides. Upgraded Bluetooth radio was implemented into the board offering better security. Also, the option to connect additional devices, and the ability to repair and service the product as a user was implemented as well.


Product Features

First of all – fatigue. This is pretty self-explanatory; the main idea behind these products is the elimination of physical stress. Guys from Boosted managed to eliminate this important factor. You can now, almost effortlessly, cruise down the street without worrying if you’re going to get tired soon. As long as you maintain a good level of battery life, you’re fine. As we said, the Boosted electric skateboards have swappable batteries. It enables you to prolong the distance covered.

The second thing is the speed. Boosted electric skateboards of a top speed of 20mph (this is the maximum speed allowed by the law). You could never reach the speed of 20mph powering the board with your feet. If you’re looking to get somewhere reasonably fast, Boosted has the solution.

For all the Boosted board review articles we have published and what we know about the team, it is a great company with super-talented engineers. The quality of their products is impeccable. They have an excellent reputation for being among the best in their business, and with new developments, they prove they deserve that status.


News and Announcements

Guys at Boosted work night and day to improve their products. With such dedication and devotion, a development of new super-cool things is inevitable. For example, they have released a second generation model in August 2016. Both generations are quite similar with minor differences.

The impressive feature they’ve implemented in every product is the concept of regenerative braking.

If you’re not familiar with the term “regenerative braking”, it’s an energy recovery mechanism. It uses kinetic braking to store energy. It’s a complicated concept, but to put it in simple words – When you hit the brakes, you recharge your battery. How fancy does that sound eh ?.

Our Final Verdict

Boosted is a safe choice. As we said, the quality of production is fantastic. The hardware, as well as the software, is top-notch. These guys work hard to bring new stuff and new upgrades all the time. Although they were criticized for their prices in the past, they’ve managed to come up with affordable prices later on.

So, if you want to learn more about the best products today, check out our electric skateboards review page right here.

All in all, Boosted electric skateboards won’t let you down. If you decide to buy an electrical skateboard, be sure to take Boosted into consideration. They’re worth every penny.

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