While electric skateboards may not be as well-known as their manual counterparts, that is rapidly changing. The number of different brands on the market is growing exponentially which makes it more and more difficult to know which one is right for you. Boosted is one of the more popular brands on the market. It all began with a Kickstarter campaign by a couple of grad students looking for easier ways to get around campus, and then grew from there.

While the electric skateboards of each brand may look the same, the technology and features they offer are quite different. Boosted tries to give the rider the lightest and longest riding board possible.

The Company Background

Founded in 2012, Boosted was started by three grad students with a Kickstarter campaign. They were looking to fund their design for a better electric skateboard. After receiving over $450,000 in funding from the campaign, they were able to make their vision into a reality.

After launching that first board, the V1, they’ve gone on to create new designs and have even moved beyond skateboards and into other personal transportation devices. Boosted started by only shipping to the US and Canada and now ship to over 34 different countries. The company has also won multiple awards for their products and their use of social media.

New Products and Innovations

After funding and shipping their first board, Boosted certainly didn’t rest on their laurels. They now offer four different board designs ranging from longboards to mini varieties. But they didn’t stop at just electric skateboards either.

Unlike their competitors, Boosted also offers scooters (their Boosted Rev) as well as any accessories you might need. You can purchase helmets, backpacks, and spare wheels all directly from them. They even have an app for your smartphone to help you track how far you’ve gone and to record your ride.

Our Final Verdict

Boosted offers a high-quality electric skateboard to meet whatever your specific needs are. They are also always on top of the latest trends so they can update their products to ensure you have the latest features. What started as just a way for students to get around campus, has transformed into a new way to commute to work and get around town. Boosted is always evolving to give their customers exactly what they need.