Electric skateboards are quickly taking the market by storm. The number of different brands selling the motorized boards is growing every year which can make it hard for someone looking to buy one. How do you know which brand is best for what you need? Backfire may have begun selling manual skateboards, but once they moved to selling the electric variety, have been making a big dent in the industry.

While most electric skateboards look similar to each other, Backfire strives to provide the best quality board at the most affordable price. If you’re on a budget, this is the brand you want to check out first.

The Company Background

Backfire was founded in 2009 by Randy Jee and Jerry Tong. At the time, they were two students looking for an easy way to get around campus that wouldn’t break the bank. They first started Backfire by selling regular manual skateboards. It wasn’t until 2011 when they decided to try their hand at the electric variety and in 2013, came out with their first electric skateboard design, the G1.

As an engineer with a degree in mechanical electronics, and a planner and marketer with a Master’s degree in business, respectively, Randy and Jerry brought their skill sets together to create the highest-quality and most affordable board they could.

New Products and Innovations

Since creating their first electric skateboard in 2013, they have released four different designs, including their Ranger X1, G2t, G2, and Galaxy G2, along with all the accessories you could ever need. Each time they come out with a new board, they strive to make it more powerful and better quality than the one before. The Galaxy G2 was named the best electric skateboard of 2019 by top10bestelectricskateboards.com.

Backfire is also one of the only companies who strive to make their boards as affordable as possible. While most electric skateboard cost nearly $1000, Backfire keeps their price range around $600, depending on what the board offers.

Our Final Verdict

Backfire does what not many other electric skateboard companies do: they give you a good quality board at an affordable price. And they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. They are coming out with new designs at least once a year and each one is updated to ensure the rider has the best experience possible. They have quickly become one of the leading electric skateboard brands on the market today.