With the number of different electric skateboard brands on the market, choosing one that offers the features you need can be next to impossible. How do you know which ones provide the level of quality you’re looking for?

Inboard is one of those many brands. Started by an aerospace engineering student, Inboard began while trying to find a new way to get around on campus. Since then, it has turned into one of the top manufacturers for electric skateboards today.

Inboard may only sell one type of board, but they ensure it’s as good as it can possibly be before it’s introduced to their customers. The company is also very mindful of not hurting the environment or creating undue waste, and they make a board that represents that.

The Company Background

Inboard was started in 2014 by Theo Cerboneschi, a student at Colorado University, and Ryan Evans, a business expert and fellow kiteboarder. The two got together to create and sell their first electric skateboard, the M1, but first, they needed funding.

They put up a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $100,000 and reached it within the first 24 hours. They ultimately received over four times what they originally asked for. From there, they looked for a place to set up business and chose Santa Cruz, California and have worked out of that office ever since.

New Products and Innovations

For the everyday customer, Inbound only offers the M1. It comes with dual in-wheel motors, is splash-resistant, and includes lights so the rider can be seen by drivers and fellow pedestrians. The company also sells extra batteries, hoodies, helmets, remotes, and backpacks to go along with the board. But that’s not all they offer.

For companies, campuses, or corporations, they have an electric scooter called the G1 Glider. It’s for campus security to get around more efficiently or for fleet operators and municipalities. It’s also perfect for a company campus where employees need to move between buildings. The G1 Glider is also much cheaper than a car and much easier on the environment.

Our Final Verdict

Inboard not only works to provide the best electric skateboard possible, but they try to keep the Earth a little cleaner too. No other skateboard brand mentions that anywhere in their mission statement. But the private owner is not the only customer Inbound makes products for; they also sell to campuses and companies looking for an easy way for employees to get around.

While Inboard certainly doesn’t offer as many options as its competitors, it does create a high-quality product that is hard to beat.