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Altered Fantom 1.0 Review

Altered Fantom 1.0 Skateboard review

With so many different types of electric boards available today, it may be difficult to decide which one to pick, especially if you are a parent, who is looking to buy their kid an electric board for the first time.

Altered is a company founded by a group of friends and they take electric skate boards business quite seriously. They thrive in simplicity and the brilliance of the deck design. Although the design stayed similar to the roots of electric skateboards, the technology, on the other hand, changed considerably. The constant development of modern technology allowed Altered to upgrade their products accordingly.

One of the widely known products from Altered is the Fantom 1.0 electric skateboard. Also, Altered were the first to patent the wireless controller method.

Product Features

Age range – 8 to 11 years of age (up to 120lbs)

Top speed – up to 10mph

Battery range – 40 minutes

Colors – red, black, multicolor

Dimensions (L x W x H) – 30x10.5x7 inches

The Fantom 1.0 is much easier to ride than a standard skateboard. It’s because both of your feet are firmly on the deck while you’re controlling your product via remote controller.

As we can see, Fantom 1.0 skate board offers a great speed of 10mph. Considering it’s an electric skateboard for kids, this speed is more than impressive.

It has a 100w belt powered electric motor, and it offers, as we said, the speed up to 10mph. The range your battery will cover before recharging is about 40 minutes of effective riding.

The downside of this is that the battery needs up to 12h to recharge fully.

About the Wireless Control System

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Altered patented their wireless controller system, and they’re the first company on the market who came up with this method. Their wireless controller allows continuous acceleration and gradual deceleration. All you have to do to accelerate is squeeze the trigger and release the pressure if you want to brake. It won’t come to a stop when you let go of the trigger, but instead, it will gradually decelerate. This feature offers a smooth ride without any unpleasant sudden stops.

Altered Fantom 1.0 skateboard has various levels of driving modes available. You can choose the desired mode with a switch on the remote controller. The modes available are slow, medium, and fast. Naturally, if you increase your speed, you’ll shorten the battery life. Although Altered specified that their batteries last for about 40 minutes, a vast majority of users reported longer battery times (up to 60 minutes).

The product is made of high-quality wood, a 7-ply rock hard maple deck with a kick tail, and concave for added control. It offers good flexibility and agility. It’s sturdy and easy to set up and connect. It can hold quite a bit of weight while maintaining the top performance.

Why Pick the Altered Fantom 1.0 Electric Skateboards?

Altered Fantom 1.0 skate board is heavy and sturdy. Although it’s a toy, it does feel pretty heavy for a toy. Don’t worry about your kid crashing into street objects and breaking the skateboard. Considering it’s a cheap electric skateboard, your will get value for your money. It is very affordable and it is a very popular choice for beginners.

Another good thing is, the product is good with is the incline. It’s good with hills. Once you hit the largest incline, the board will be able to handle the force, and will not have to reset. The wheels are of high quality, and you’ll feel the bumps on the road. This is a comfortable cheap electric skateboard and is well worth every penny.

Exkate T2 Torsion trucks offer tighter turns, powerful transitions, and make turning easy. All in all, it’s quite easy to ride this electric skateboard, and it’s a fun way for your children to learn and prepare for bigger ones. It is a perfect skateboard for beginners.

Although this Altered Fanton electric skate board doesn’t have any LED lights on the deck, the power-on light is bright enough to help other people see you if you’re riding by night. The light is an important feature, safety always comes first, especially with kids.

Grip tape glued on the deck is great. It offers excellent traction and a firm grip. The problem emerges when you need to carry the Fantom 1.0, it can feel pretty uncomfortable on your skin.

Bear in mind, this Altered Fantom 1.0 electric skateboard is not built for extreme rides and tricks. You won’t become the new Tony Hawk with this thing for sure, but for beginners you’ll have great fun while riding down the street with your friends.

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How to Ride the Altered Fantom Skateboard

  1. When you buy your skateboard, please make sure you charge your battery for at least 12 hrs and wear all the safety equipment before you start riding it.
  2. Turn on the board and the remote control. The board will make a noise when it’s successfully being turned on.
  3. Stand on the deck of the electric skateboard and be calm for 20-30 seconds, try various combinations of the positions by standing on the deck.
  4. Now accelerate the skateboard, remember when you are accelerating your skateboard just slightly put your body weight to the front side of the board, so your weight is easily distrbutied throughout the board.
  5. Now you can increase the speed of your board by using the remote control. To slow down, you can either stop accelerating or use the break.
  6. If you ever need to use the instant break, please make sure you transfer your body weight to the back of the board, so you don’t fall over.
  7. If you want to turn left and right, you have to pull your body weight on the side in which direction you want to turn, and your board will start turning to that side.

Our Final Verdict

This is a great toy for your kid. It’s cheap, it’s reliable and it has a cool design.  Whether your children like skateboarding or not, they will fall in love with it while cruising down the street with Fantom 1.0. The fun factor is great; every kid loves this thing. Even though the Altered Fantom 1.0 is made for kids and targeted at beginners, it’s not forbidden for adults to try and have some fun.

The board has not been designed to be used for tricks, so if your kid or yourself wants to be the next Tony Hawk then we do advise to pick a non-electric skateboard. However, this Fantom skateboard can get you wherever you need to go, if you make sure the distance is not too far and you fully charge the battery the night before. You don’t want the battery going flat halfway through your journey.

That has happened to many people before and its not one bit enjoyable making your way home with a non-powered skateboard. The top speed won’t be as good, but then again, it’s all about the fun and games. The price is affordable, and the product is available all around the world.

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