Top Quality Electric Skateboard Backpacks in 2017

Buying a Backpack for Your Electric Skateboard

Bags are an essential accessory to have. If you’re anything like me, when you run out of battery, and you’re too lazy to push your electric skateboard as a regular skateboard, a good quality electric skateboard backpack comes in handy. If you travel a certain amount of distance by train or by bus, you’ll need a backpack or a bag to pack your electric skateboard. Carrying the electric skateboard by hand through town can be a severe burden sometimes considering these things can weigh up to 17lbs. Different manufacturers have different bags available for purchase. Let’s revise some of the best ones on the market.


Yuneec E-Go Travel Bag

The Yuneec E-GO travel bag is a large carry bag with handles and a shoulder strap. Your Yuneec electric skateboard will fit perfectly in it and leave some room for additional accessories or spare parts. This bag has double reinforced fabric box-stitched stress points, detachable and adjustable webbing shoulder strap, and coated fabric for lasting protection. It’s compact, easy to carry, and the aesthetics are awesome.


The Movepak Backpack

On the other hand, Movpak is something completely different. It’s a carry bag and an electric skateboard in one. The design is quite simple. It’s a new concept, a concept that combines portability and mobility, not to mention it is eco-friendly. Movpak is the world’s first backpack electric vehicle. It’s also airport friendly, portable, and foldable.

What You Should Look for

Portability is important with bags and backpacks. You don’t want a huge bag with numerous useless compartments and low-quality stitching. The customers want a compact, easy to carry, and high-quality backpacks. All of these bags have specially designed compartments for your equipment, spare parts, and accessories.

It’s crucial for an enthusiastic rider to have a good backpack or a bag for their electric skateboard. The compactness is the main thing. Instead of entering the public transportation with a long and rigid board you can now carry your skateboard in a specially made bag. When buying a bag for your electric skateboard, be aware of the materials used and the number of stitching involved. The more cross-stitches your bag has, the more durable it will be. The ability to fold your bag is the most important factor. Aim for soft bags which are easy to fold.


These bags come in various shapes and sizes, though. It’s a personal preference, but it also depends on the dimensions of your electric skateboard. Be careful not to buy a smaller bag than your electric skateboard is, it won’t fit, and you’ll be left with a useless backpack. We won’t mention colors much, that’s for you to choose, there is a massive choice of colors, of course.

You can also make a custom bag yourself. Install as much compartments as you like, make it as big as you want it to be. If there are no available bags for a particular model of an electric skateboard that you own, making a custom bag might be the best idea. It’s much cheaper than buying a mainstream bag not suitable for skateboards. You can add a personal touch to it in the form of custom colors, logos, and drawings.

Our Final Verdict

As we said, it’s almost mandatory to own a bag for your electric skateboard. Bags come in handy with the traffic jams, public transportation, and running out of batteries. Instead of carrying your board in your hands which can be pretty exhausting opt for a skateboard bag and carry your vehicle on your shoulders. Release the pressure on your hands and your body by using a compact bag made for electric skateboards. The prices aren’t high; an average bag costs around $80. It’s quite affordable considering you’re preserving your health as well as doing whatever you want with your hands because you’re not carrying a huge stiff electric skateboard.

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