We Review The Best Skateboard Decks Of 2017

Where to Buy the Best Skateboard Decks?

All of the best skateboard decks are usually made of top-quality layered wood. The more layers a board has, the more durability and flexibility it offers. It’s important to use other materials like fiberglass as well. The fiberglass helps with the overall resilience of the board. The number of layers varies from 5 to 10, depending on the company. For instance, there is a corporation that makes a board out of 7 layers of top-quality maple wood and two layers of fiberglass.

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Design & Performance

The design is the biggest variable here. There are many available models on the market at the moment. From short toy-like boards to long decks for the ultimate cruising satisfaction. It all depends on your driving style. The shorter boards are used for tight turns and sharp curves. The long boards are used for cruising long distances and making wide turns. They both have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to you.

The board design changed with the evolution of modern technology. New top-notch boards have special compartments for the batteries and the motors. In the old times, batteries and the motors were screwed onto the board. By having special compartments, you eliminate the threat of hitting something while you’re riding your electric skateboard and damaging a component. Also, water resistance is a nice feature to have.

The new thing on the market is the all-in-one carbon fiber electric skateboard deck. It’s made out of numerous layers of carbon fiber, and it’s the strongest board available. It has special compartments for the batteries and other accessories. The available shapes are also different. There are boards with round ends (like a regular skateboard) and boards with more pointy ends (like longboards). They have the same performances, so the difference is purely aesthetic.

Installing a good grip tape is crucial. An excellent grip tape is one of the most important parts of the board. Perfect traction and perfect firmness are mandatory for a memorable cruising session. Although this is a significant factor, almost every company tends to integrate an excellent grip tape. Carrying electric skateboards around can be a burden when you have a low-quality grip tape glued on.


Boards for All Riding Styles

Cruising decks tend to be 32 to 42 inches long. This length provides the best stability and manoeuvrability. These decks tend to have a low deck height for stability. A slight flex in the deck offers a smoother ride.


Freeride decks have a length of 38 to 42 inches. They are rigid and have drop platforms with no flex for stability and sliding. These boards are similar to the cruising ones besides the drop-through at the end of the deck.

Longer decks are more stable than the shorter decks which offer more manoeuvrability.

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Toy Electric Skateboards

There are some toy-like electric skateboards for kids available on the market. These boards are usually made for kids or very light adults considering they can withstand about 120lbs of weight. These boards tend to be the shortest ones with around 27 to 30 inches in length.

Having a deeper concave on the boards leaves a little more leverage for your toes, flatter decks are harder to carve on because they’re flat, and the effect of pushing on your toes is less efficient. Things to look on a deck are thickness, length, width, and flexibility. The thicker the deck is, the less flexibility it offers. As we said, longer decks provide more stability but less manoeuvrability while shorter decks offer less stability but more manoeuvrability. More and more companies are changing the design according to the evolution of modern technology. There are also decks with specially carved handles which come in handy when you’re carrying your electric skateboard. This design also prevents any scratches and minor skin irritations caused by the grip tape.

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