Replacing Your Electric Skateboard Motor

Replacement electric skateboard motors

If you own or have ridden an electric skateboard, you would have seen the attached electric motor. Some companies even integrate more than one motor for extra power and more output. The power of the electric motors is measured in watts (W).  The terms “power” and “energy” are commonly confused.

electric skateboard motor

Power of Motors

First we will try to explain what is motor power and why is it so important. Power is the rate at which energy is generated or consumed, and that’s why it is measured in units (e.g. watts) that represent energy per unit time.

The power of electric motors for these skateboards varies from 250w up to 1800-2000w. Having higher wattage motors doesn’t mean it’ll use more power; it means it has more power on demand. Higher wattage also doesn’t mean greater speed. Instead, it means more acceleration and torque.

The price of electric motors directly determines the quality of production. In other words, cheaper equals less quality.

What Makes A Motor Cheaper?

  • Low-quality magnets

  • Stator quality (high silicone percentage stator is more expensive and in reduces losses) Cheaper electric motors get hot because of losses often due to low-grade stator materials used in production.

  • Not using high quality chemically resistant, high-temperature epoxy resins.

  • These motors do not have quality copper winding

  • There is no computer controlled motor balancing

  • Not having a magnet retainer ring

These things are important in electric motor production, and you should be aware of it to avoid buying low-quality motors.

Everything You Need To Know About Electric Skateboard Motor


For an electric skateboard, you want a motor that that has a low KV. One with low KV will have more torque than one with a higher KV. The higher the KV, the faster the electric skateboard will drive. However, a board with low KV will be better on start and will also climb hills better. The uphill climb is crucial for modern electric skateboards. 

Some skateboarders have the mentality of bigger is better. This might be the case with a lot of other electronic parts but not always the case with motors. In terms of going fast and flying up the hills, having high an insane amount of voltage in a large motor will always win, but you want your skateboard to look and ride like one as well.

Your skateboard should be designed to perform at its peak (or just below), offer the best battery range to weight ratio. Motors are the most expensive part of the board, so you want to make sure you’re picking the right board that allows you to meet your riding style and needs.

The riders want the highest incline possible. Some manufacturers offer electric motors up to 2000w which quickly conquer even the steepest hills. In fact, there is a board with two 2000w electric motors and it provides 25% percent of an uphill climb. Others, though, have weaker electric motors and offer about 10-12% of incline.

It depends on your driving style and location as well. If you’re living in a flat area, incline shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, if you live surrounded by hills, then you should consider boards with powerful motors. The companies mainly use brushless electric motors over brushed ones. The reasons are simple; brushless motors are simply better.

What Makes Expensive Motors Better Than The Cheaper Ones

Let’s revise some of the advantages of brushless motors:

  • Longer life (due to lack of brushes which wear off over time)

  • High efficiency (more range with the same size battery)

  • High power density (more power in a smaller motor)

  • Quiet operation

  • Lightweight

  • Smaller size

Brushless are 1/3 of the size of brushed motors. They are also 1/3 of the weight of brushed items. The advantages are obvious; these brushless motors are simply more compact.


The quality of wire isolation is quite important. The low-end electric motor has poorly isolated wires, and they tend to break or snap after a while. The constant pivoting of the trucks affects the durability of the cables. That’s why high-end electric motors have silicone isolated wires. They offer excellent durability and flexibility.

The magnets are also necessary. High-quality magnets endure more pressure and higher temperatures. Magnets are crucial for electric skateboards because when you’re accelerating fast of hitting a steep hill, you don’t want your electric motor to overheat or break.

Our Final Verdict

Electric motors and power, in general, are the most important parts of an electric skateboard. Companies tend to make different kinds of motors with different power outputs. Remember, the power output is necessary for inclines and acceleration. Having more power does not mean more speed, it means less tension on the electronics while climbing uphill and better acceleration as well.

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