Buying A Lightweight Electric Skateboard

Why Weight of Your Boards is Important

The weight of an electric skateboard directly affects the drivability, manoeuvrability, and the speed. The heavier your electric skateboard is, the slower it drives, and it needs more motor power. Various companies try hard to reduce the weight of their electric skateboards to a bare minimum. So, if you put that in perspective, an electric skateboard with 2000w of motor power will drive much better and faster with a lighter deck.

lightweight electric skateboards

Heavy vs. Lightweight Electric Skateboards


The diversity of available board weights on the market is enormous.

It varies from only 5lbs up to 15-17lbs.

These 5lbs electric skateboards have around 250w of power, and they’re usually treated as toys.

More serious ones weigh up to 15lbs and output some serious power, up to 2000w. And, on top of that, many companies integrate more than one motor in their products.

Stability is also a factor dictated by the weight of the board. Heavier boards tend to be much more stable than the lighter ones. Also, the amount of accessories mounted on the electric skateboard determines the weight and stability.

The best electric skateboards are those who have a perfect ratio of weight to performance, calculated with precise mathematical formulas. Some companies even make carbon fiber decks to cut the weight.

The weight of the rider determines the top speed, acceleration, and the amount of power needed. Some of the serious electric skateboards can withstand up to 220lbs of weight, which is quite impressive. The materials used in production dictate the overall weight of the board as well. Manufacturers tend to use layers of fiberglass between the layered wood to make board lighter and more durable. Speaking of materials, a vast majority of companies use light, high-quality wood and super-light materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber. Reducing the maximum weight of an electric skateboard drastically improves the performance for the cost of stability.

It’s more a personal preference, though; if you like commuting and cruising opt for heavier boards because they offer better riding balance. On the other hand, if you’re into tricks and sharp corners, lighter boards are the thing for you. More experienced freestyle trick enthusiasts love having light boards thus elevating their hobby experience on another level. Regular, non-extreme riders feel more comfortable with heavy stable boards.

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Performance, Speed & Stability

Carrying a heavy board around town or in public transport can be a burden sometimes, especially for small individuals. Many useful accessories for electric skateboards can help you with carrying it around town- like backpacks and bags, but that doesn’t change the fact that the board is still heavy. Also, some companies cut-out a handle in the deck to allow easier carrying, but that also doesn’t change the mass of your board. If you have difficulties carrying 15lbs of weight for a half an hour or more, consider lighter boards or calculate your battery range before you hit the road.

You will notice that lightweight electric skateboards are naturally easier to carry, but they have their cons as well. As we said, high speeds on a light board can be somewhat unsafe. The stability is jeopardized, and the vibrations are quite notable at high speeds. So, if you’re an individual that doesn’t put focus on the speed but puts emphasis on manoeuvrability, lighter boards are your cup of tea.

Our Final Verdict

Whether you’re into trick skating, or you just want to relax and cruise down the street, the weight of your board is important. Before buying a board for yourself, conduct a thorough research about the weight-to-power ratio of your new board. Calculate your weight and your personal driving preferences. Different companies use different materials in production, aim for high-quality wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

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