June 22, 2019

Electric skateboards have exploded in popularity over the past decade – and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. They make commuting from Point A to Point B easy and effective, but also quite fun. But do they work in all conditions? Can you ride them on a rainy day or through a puddle on the sidewalk?

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and find out; are these motorized skateboards waterproof?

Waterproof or No?

The short answer: It depends on the board. There aren’t many waterproof or water-resistant electric skateboards on the market – but a few do exist.

When browsing for your perfect fit, it’s important to know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. Most boards that have any kind of protection from water are water-resistant, not waterproof. That simply means they won’t let water in easily.

If you ride one of these boards over a wet road, you should be fine. However, if you skate over a puddle or the board is submerged into water, there will be an issue with the electronics. Electrical-anything and water are never a good mix. That’s one of the major drawbacks of having an electrical skateboard versus a manual one.

Slippery Roads

It’s also not recommended to ride an electric skateboard on wet roads or any smooth wet terrain. It can become very slippery and the grip of skateboard tires is not the best, especially at higher speeds or when turning. You can probably imagine accelerating and braking becoming an issue as well. If you have to ride in the rain or on wet pavement, make sure to wear a helmet; be careful!

How to Know If Your Board is Protected?

Whether or not the manufacturer of your board states it, to confirm if a board is water-resistant, you should check the IP rating. Unfortunately, not all brands give this on their website, so you may have to do a little research. The basics, nonetheless, are:

  • IP 54 definition: Fine with spraying water.
  • IP 55 definition: Fine with splashing water.
  • IP 65 definition: Fine with splashing water.

As you can see, no matter the rating, a board won’t survive if it is completely dunked in a pool of water. The electronics just won’t hold up. Additionally, the manufacturer is unlikely to replace your board due to the water damage. Check the warranty to be sure, but since most boards aren’t waterproof or water-resistant, the company won’t cover damage from its getting wet.

Are Any Boards Water-Resistant?

Yes! There are a couple options that are water-resistant. While it’s unlikely to find a completely water-proof electric skateboard, these few can handle getting a bit wet.

1. Maxfind Max 2

The electrical system and battery of the Maxfind Max 2 are installed into the diamond board, while the motor is enclosed in the rear wheel. Everything that matters is entirely sealed in, so no water can easily touch the electronics and end up ruining the board.

2. Inboard M1

The M1 board has an IP54 rating, meaning it can be sprayed with water and incur no damage. If you want to ride it on a damp road or sidewalk, it’ll handle it no problem. The motors of the M1 are encased in the wheel, so water is less likely to reach them, but still keep safety precautions in mind. The board is prone to slipping and sliding if you’re not careful.

3. Enertion Raptor 2.1

The Rapor 2.1 encloses the battery and all electronics in a plastic case on the underside of the board. It also uses two different water-resistant motors near the back of the deck. As a final protection, the deck of the board is made of an alloy that is both strong and resistant to absorbing water. You don’t have to worry about it warping or staining.