June 24, 2019

With the number of different electric skateboards on the market, how do you know which is best for your needs? Which board will allow you to travel the most distance without worrying about the battery? Evolve, an electric skateboard company founded by Australian couple Fleur and Jeff Anning, has created a board that may be your ideal fit.

The Carbon GT is one of Evolve’s newer boards – and it promises quite a lot. This model allows you to travel long distances, reach insane speeds for a skateboard, and rocket up even the steepest incline. Most of its competitors can’t do half the things the Carbon GT can. Let’s take a look at everything it provides.

Product Features

Evolve Carbon GT Series

  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Top Speed: 22-26 mph
  • Top Range: 31 miles
  • Watts: 3,000W
  • Battery Charge Time: N/A

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The Carbon GT can hit speeds from 22-26 mph depending on the rider’s weight, riding style, and the terrain you’re diving into. But it’s not just fast – it’s prepared for long-distance as well. You can travel up to 31 miles on a fully charged battery, which is rather exceptional.

With the help of the GT mode, you can also travel up the steepest incline with a 25 percent gradient. Offering 3,000 watts of power from two motors, it won’t quit on riders with high demands.

As a bonus, there’s no terrain this board can’t handle. It works on concrete, short grass, dirt, and uneven surfaces.

Unfortunately, the charge time is a little disappointing – requiring 4.5 hours. Furthermore, with the all-terrain wheels, it’s quite heavy at 21 lbs.

About the Wireless Control System

The Evolve Carbon GT wireless control system uses a remote with magnetic trigger controls to help make accelerating and braking as smooth as possible. The remote is also used to check the device’s battery level, change the settings, and check how far you’ve traveled.

The remote features an LCD digital display. This provides information like speed, distance traveled, wheel and gear settings, battery level, range, and other diagnostic data about the board.

Even better, this remote allows you to scroll through the four different speed modes: GT for ultimate power, Fast to handle your commute in no time, Eco for better range and a relaxing ride, and Slow for safety and easy control.

The remote also features a rubber molded handle, so it’s comfortable and stays put while you hold it.

To charge the remote, you can simply plug in the micro USB and then connect it with any outlet.

Why Pick the Evolve Carbon GT Skateboard?

With top speeds of 22-26 mph, a range of 31 miles, a 25 percent gradient, and two motors equaling 3,000 watts of power, the real question is: Why wouldn’t you pick up the Evolve Carbon GT skateboard?

The Carbon GT will take you to work and back, have you zooming through campus, or help you go shopping – without ever needing to stop and charge the battery. A total of 31 miles is a long distance; most likely, you won’t be traveling that far.

Don’t worry about the kind of terrain you encounter. The Carbon GT works in almost any location, no matter how uneven or bumpy. Even when on grass, your ride will be as smooth as on cement. You need only change out the normal wheels for the all-terrain ones that are included; with their added durability, you can travel just about anywhere.

Also, despite the powerful motors, this board is quiet as a mouse. You’ll barely know it’s running.

The price is very steep, at just under $2,160, and the battery charge time is rather lengthy. However, with this amount of features and power, you definitely won’t be wasting your money!

The Carbon GT offers what few comparable board do: everything! It has speed, range, incline accommodations, and is quiet as a mouse. It’s worth checking out.


  • Quiet motors
  • Smooth ride on all terrain
  • Great on steep hills
  • Responsive remote
  • Good range
  • Fast


  • Brakes cause hard stops
  • Very expensive price tag
  • Long charge time
  • Heavy
  • Remote connectivity issues
  • Battery sags over time

How to Ride the Evolve Carbon GT Electric Skateboard

Riding the Evolve Carbon GT Skateboard is easier than you’d imagine. With these few tips, you’ll be speeding around town in no time.

  1. Charge the remote and board: Connect the charger to the board’s battery box and plug it into any outlet. When the light on the box is green, it’s fully charged. Do not charge the battery box while it’s still attached to the board. For the remote, plug the micro USB into the device and then into any USB outlet.
  2. Turn on the remote and board: Press the on/off button on the board. The button will flash, indicating the board is fully powered on. For the remote, press and hold the on/off button for one second. The Evolve logo will show up when it’s on.
  3. Sync the board/remote: To sync the pair together, press and hold the left sync button on the remote. A white antennae icon will appear on the screen. When it turns solid, the remote and board are synced properly.
  4. Step Up: Put on your helmet and step onto the board with a wide stance. Make sure you feel comfortable and stable before ever pressing the throttle trigger.
  5. Time to accelerate: Slowly pull the trigger until you begin to move forward. Once you feel steady at a gentle speed, you can increase the pace gradually. As you ride more often, you will become more comfortable at higher speeds.
  6. Braking: To brake, slowly push the trigger forward and you’ll begin to slow down. Don’t do this too quickly or you may be jerked forward, falling off the board.
  7. Changing speed modes: Press the on/off button quickly to move through the different speed modes: Slow (approximately 8 mph), Eco (approximately 16 mph), Fast (22-26 mph), and GT (22-26 mph; 25 percent incline).
  8. Wheel settings: When you change the wheels on the board – either to all-terrain or back to the street wheels – you need to change the settings as well. Press the left sync button two times in a row. The menu will display itself. Quickly press the on/off button to display the wheel settings and use the left sync button to scroll through the options.
  9. Shutting down: Using the same steps to power down the remote and board, you can turn the pair off. Once they are both fully off, you can store them away.

4 / 5

Our Final Verdict

The Evolve Carbon GT Skateboard is hard to beat. With a top speed of 26 mph and a range of 31 miles, there aren’t many comparable boards on the market. But the amount of features is certainly represented in the price tag. Few electric skateboards cost a little under $2,160. A board over $2,000 is pretty rare.

That being said, not many designs offer what the Carbon GT does. If you can afford the price, go for it. You will not find a better board on the market. But if it’s a little too much for your bank account, there are plenty of other options out there.

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