It’s probably fair to say that any die-hard skater dreams about turning their home into a skate park, but for skateboarding superstar Pierre-André Senizergue, it wasn’t good enough to just settle for a dream. So, he turned to Californian architect Francois Perrin and designer/skater Gil Lebon Delapoint for help to make that dream come true.

The house is named “PAS” in honor of its future occupant, Pierre-André Senizergue, who’s the owner of the Etnies skateboard company and is also a former professional skater. A longtime LA resident and proponent of skate culture, according to the LA Times, he has hired fellow French expats based in SoCal to help him with his vision.

The concept of the house is a “ribbon” that creates a continuous surface to be skated from the outside to the inside. In realitly, that means that the house is fully skatable, from the walls to the furniture and even the doors! The concrete and glass residence, which is being built at the top of Malibu’s Las Flores Canyon, is split into three sections to accommodate living and dining areas at one end, with a bedroom and bathroom in the middle. At the far end, Senizergue has allowed room for a practice area.

Featuring virtually no corners, the surfaces in all the rooms are designed to curve to form a continuous tube with a 10ft radius, so people can actually skate on the ceilings if they have the skill. All the furniture in the 2,200 square-foot house will also be curved, according to the project’s website, and will be integrated into the curve. That includes things such as the bathroom furniture, the kitchen island, the beds, and the dining tables – perfect for grinding. Closets and drawers could be integrated in the curve too, but with the building still in the prototype stages, that detail hasn’t been set in stone, yet.

A model of the project and a full scale prototype of the living area was presented in Paris for the Public Domaine/Skateboard Culture exhibition at la Gaite Lyrique, a new museum directed by the City of Paris. For the 25th birthday celebration of Etnies, their team of pro skaters did a demo session in the prototype.

Watch a video of skaters testing out the model, showing exactly what Senizergue will have to look forward to when he moves into his new home.

Other Plans for PAS House:

  • The house will make the most of the natural elements (sun exposure and natural ventilation) to avoid the use of air conditioning or heating, with all the rest of energy use coming from solar and wind power.
  • Rain water will be stored and recycled on site for landscaping.
  • The concrete slabs will act as thermal mass and most of the materials, especially the wood, will come from a local source.

As if the design wasn’t cool enough, adding sustainable elements is a nice finishing touch. It’s truly awesome to see such a beautiful dream turn to reality in our lifetime.

The PAS was designed in 2012 and it’s certainly paved the way for other skate maniacs to realize similar dreams, with other properties being redeveloped into private skate havens. Don’t just take our word for it! Here are two other examples of skaters taking their passion to the next level.

Other Skateboard Houses

Norfolk Skate House, UK

On October 2016, in London, England a house went up for sale in the small village of Terrington St Clement in Norfolk. But this was no ordinary house. Yes, from the exterior it looks like a normal 19th century property in a quaint part of town, but the owners definitely upped the ante when they showcased the property, which comes complete with a giant skate park inside. This former village youth club has been converted into a dual-purpose home and indoor skate park. Owned by avid skateboarder Rob Marsden, 41, it only took him 6 months to build the 26 x 39ft wooden skate bowl.

According to the listing, “The current owner uses part of the property as his home and the front half of the building, which was the main hall has been converted into a skate bowl.” This stunning three-bedroom terraced skate house went on the market for a relatively standard price. For £200,000 ($257,336), anybody could have

Whilst Mr Marsden’s love of skating, kickflips and grinds remains at the forefront of his personal life, his business has grown in leaps and bounds and the daily hard work means that it is time to restructure and relocate” said a spokeswoman for realtors Attik Property Services.

If he gets time away from his booming business, maybe Marsden will upgrade his new pad in a similar way?

Tokyo-to Skate House, Japan

In Tokyo-to, Japan, a relatively standard-looking modern Japanese property contains a couple of hidden secrets that have to be seen to be believed. The owners of the property requested that designers LEVEL Architects included a piano rehearsal room and a skateboard park in their plans, so they could enjoy their own individual interests without leaving the comfort of their own space.

The design of this house complimented both personalities, but it’s fair to say that the skate bowl positioned in their studio was a nice touch. They decided there was no need for a car park on the site, so a private entrance courtyard was designed. This leads directly into the studio area, which includes the skating bowl and a raised-level almost stage-like room designed for piano practice.

They’ve sure managed to pack a lot in to what is a relatively small space, but it has to be worth it. Sunday mornings must be killer in this household! Rolling some sweet flips in your PJs while your partner busts out some of Rachmaninov’s second concerto on the piano in the background? It doesn’t get any more epic – or strange – than that.

So, with at least three houses locked, loaded, and ready for skating, does this mean we’ll see more skaters making their dreams come true by converting their spare space into a skating paradise? Are YOU thinking of doing it? If so, we salute you and wish you the best of luck with your plans. We say “go for it!”

After all, you only get that one trip around and you should do everything you can to make it an awesome one.

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