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Electric skateboards are skateboards that have been modified in order to enable them to be moved or propelled controlled by an electric motor, which is normally controlled by the person riding it via an RF remote. Similar to standard skateboards, electric skateboards are steered when the rider shifts his or her weight to the left or right. These types of skateboards were originally made as a means of local transport, but now have more advanced Off-Road models, which are becoming a new trend in skating sports. These Off-Road models can be easily ridden on hard sand, dirt, grass, and gravel and are commonly seen at low tides on beaches.

How Far and Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go?

A lot of electric skateboards manufacturers now provide the option of upgrading to the 12 Ah LiFePO4 battery packs over the SLA standard battery packs that come with most electric skateboards, which help to reduce a board’s weight by approximately 10kg as the LiFePO4 battery packs weight 5kg compared to the 15kg of the SLA standard packs resulting in a lighter, faster, and agiler skateboard. An 800-watt electric skateboard with a LiFePO4 battery pack can provide a typical range of 16 – 20 km. Six hundred watt electric skateboards can only achieve 20% less range than the 800-watt units and electric skateboards that use the older, sealed acid batteries can only achieve 30% less range that the LiFePO4 batteries.skater

The speed of a standard electric skateboard may vary depending on the weight of the rider, terrain, and slope. On a good road or footpath, an electric skateboard is capable of reaching speeds of up to 16 – 25 mph. Additionally, the discharge chemistry of a LiFePO4 battery pack can allow the motor to run at top speeds constantly until the battery is completely exhausted compared to the high current that comes from the SLA standard battery which ends up tapering off quickly during discharge.

Small factor LiFePO4 pouch cells can also be used in order to increase the capacity of the battery to 20 Ah and also achieve a range of 30 km or more when riding the board at constant high speed. A few manufacturing companies have now begun offering electric skateboards with the capability of running over 30 km using only an 8 Ah battery, unlike other companies which offer only up to 25 km and cost almost double when compared to the 30 km electric skateboards.

Electric Skateboard Maintenance Tips

Taking proper care of your electric skateboard is very important in order to enhance the value of your investment. Most of the maintenance that needs to be performed on an electric skateboard is similar to the maintenance of a standard skateboard. Any preventive actions or steps taken in order to extend the life of an electric skateboard will greatly help to extend the value of your investment. Below are some of the main electric skateboard maintenance tips.

  • Clean or replace the grip tape. Once the grip tape gets dirty or starts to wear out, it can be very difficult to stay on the board. The best way to take care of a grip tape is to keep it dry and free of debris. The grip tape should also be replaced entirely at least every two months. This replacement process is very simple that it only involves a razor blade and a steady cleaning
  • Clean the bearings and rotate wheels. If bearings begin to wear out, wheels will not spin as expected. In order to prevent the wearing out of bearings, the wheels should be taken out at least once a month and the bearings removed and cleaned. It is also recommended to add a few drops of lubricant to the bearings during the cleaning process to keep them spinning fast.
  • Tighten trucks. When trucks begin to get too loose, it is easy to tell. Loose trucks can make it very hard to steer an electric skateboard or push it in a straightforward direction. Ensure that the big bolts in your trucks are tightened from time to time but be careful not to tighten them too much as this could cause the bushings to crash.
  • Avoid running the board through water surfaces. While most electric skateboards are water resistant, it is still advised against getting it soaking wet whenever possible. While the electronic parts of the board are mostly protected, it is still considered bad for the grip tape, bearings, and deck to get too wet.
  • Take care of the battery. Never leave the battery in an excessively hot environment such as the back of a car. When not in use, try to keep the battery fully charged and store it at room temperature.

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