Yuneec E Go Electric Skateboards Review

What’s the Yuneec E Go Electric Skateboard?

The Yuneec company made its name among the top-quality manufacturers of electric motors and radio controlled gear. These guys are the best of the best at what they do. They believe in creating a future through technology where everyone can capture a broader perspective and enjoy using their products.

yuneec e go

What makes Yuneec E Go the Best Choice?

To put the seriousness of the quality of their products in context, Yuneec got a prestigious LEAP (Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize) reward in 2005 for their electric powered airplane. Although the primary focus of the company is on aircraft and flying, they’ve also started producing motorized skate boards. The newest addition to their product assortment is the Yuneec E-Go 2 electric skate board.

Their hard work and brilliant engineering are the elements which make their new electric skateboard perfect. The materials used for production are all top-notch, high-quality materials. For example, they put eight layers of super-flexible wood together to form the deck for the longboard. That way, long durability and a remarkable flexibility are guaranteed. If you ever decide to buy any of their products, you won’t regret a single thing.


The battery is located on the bottom of their boards, and it offers up to 18 miles of pure satisfaction. The patented charger will recharge your battery and provide you with an incredible sense of feeling the wind in your hair again in 3 to 5 hours.

The Yuneec also puts an enormous amount of effort to reduce the weight of their product and make it as compact as possible. Considering their board weighs around 14 pounds, they’re on the right track to succeed in their mission.

Another thing that’s simple yet effective is the remote control design. With no fancy add-on’s and shiny nonsense, the Yuneec electric skateboard remote controllers are quite simple to use. All you have to do to accelerate or decelerate is move a simple knob up and down; that’s it. Two modes are available – Sport and Eco.

If you’re interested in speed over the economy, switch the mode to Sport and vice-versa.

Through these features and the nature of design, we can get a clear insight in company’s motto which is – simplicity.

Software development is something these guys thrive in. They offer a mobile application for you to control your board easily. The connectivity is impeccable, the support for various devices as well. Once more simplicity comes to the surface, all you have to do to connect to the app is launch it, select your board, and you’re ready to roll.

While the application displays a lot of extra useful information, there’s no need to look at it. You can hold your finger anywhere on the screen and slide it up and down to control your board without even looking. This is important for your safety; you don’t want to stare at your phone while riding on a busy road jeopardizing the traffic and your safety. Also, don’t forget to wear a helmet!

E-Go Cruiser’s wireless controllers are a cool feature of the board. It is the ignition switch and has a fancy dashboard. The controller is super simple to use; you simply slide to accelerate and slide backward to reduce speed. You have 2 different speeds that you can go with this board. Slow and fast. Take your time before moving up to the fast speed. You don’t want to injure yourself.

Our Final Verdict

The Yuneec electric skateboard has an excellent reputation of having a super-polite customer support. People notice these small things. Choosing a company with an exceptional customer support is an impressive advantage. Affordability is the key thing. With the increase of motorized skateboards market, the prices are an important parameter. The diversity of prices is huge nowadays so the potential customers may have problems choosing the right product for themselves.

Usually, people think that a higher price makes a product better. With the Yuneec electric skate board, it does have a low price which has nothing to do with the quality. They don’t lack quality. They have a different mindset about the price in oppose to their competition. If you find a similar electrical skateboard for a much higher price don’t think it’s automatically better quality. The general goal of Yuneec is to provide relatively cheap electrical skateboards to anyone who loves adrenaline and who loves having fun.

It’s all about the fun. The modern technology brought great things upon us. It’s time to seize every possible opportunity to have an excellent time or go for a ride with a group of your friends. Think about it – nature, the wind in your hair, and a super-cool looking motorized skateboard is all you need. The possibilities are endless. Turn on your imagination and you’ll have the time of your life with Yuneec E-Go.

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