Yuneec E GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard Review

Is it the Best Electric Longboard On The Market?

Yuneec E GO2 Electric Longboard

After waiting for a long time, we finally have the chance to introduce Yuneec E GO2 electric longboard. This model is, essentially, the upgraded version of their first model the Yuneec E-GO. As we know, Yuneec is a company which thrives in the field of making electrical motors. So, we expect some pretty good features and quality upgrades in general.

Many first time buyers might naturally be put off paying over $1000 for a motorized skate board. That’s why there are some companies now making a race for the bottom in the electric skateboard space with less than stellar products like the Maverix. However, Yuneec — a Chinese company known for its drones — decided to shoot for the middle with its latest electric skateboard, the E-Go2 longboard.

Probably the most important thing to know about the board is that it’s not a powerful board like the Benchwheel Dual. Where the Benchwheel Dual offer fast and adrenaline-inducing joy rides, the E-Go2 is a reliable performer. Its single 400-watt motor and max speed of 12 mph make it an attractive product.

Yuneec’s experience of electric motors and battery life thanks to its design and development of drones means that it should know how to properly balance a motor and its batteries to ensure that the skateboarder spends more time riding the streets than at home waiting for batteries to charge.  This is often a problem with other makers’ boards which are either overpowered regarding the motor or make use of older battery technology.

Electrical skate boards changed the way we travel; the modern technology brought significant innovations upon us. Let’s see some of the specifications, pros, and cons of this particular model, the long-awaited Yuneec EGO 2.

Product Features 

  • Max. Range – 18 miles

  • Top speed – 12.5 mph

  • Max. Hill incline – 10%

  • Weight – 14 pounds

As we can see, the specifications haven’t changed much. Top speed, the hill incline, and the general motor performances remain the same as before. They said they’d improve the quality of production; we’ll take their word for it.

Available In 3 Amazing Colors

  • Royal Wave (Blue)

  • Cool Mint (Green)

  • Hot Pink (Pink)

The biggest problem with Yuneec is the fact that their electrical skateboards become rather dull. The lack of speed kills the thrill for many consumers. But, the affordability, solid range and an excellent customer support are the elements that make Yuneec worth considering.

The New Deck

The biggest change Yunnec E Go2 skate boards made with their new model is the deck. They reduced the length of the board from 42 inches to 36 inches. This change is crucial; the new shorter model offers better agility and better control of the board in general.

The deck is made of composite wood which gives a nice amount of flex. Essentially, the deck allows you to feel the board yet it’s light enough to support your weight.

The new shape with the addition of the kick tail is much better for smooth traveling. The kick tail offers a better steering, control, and possibilities for tricks. The old Yuneec electric skate board didn’t support the potential for tricks. So, that’s a nice fresh change.

Although Yuneec E GO 2 skateboard offers a variety of colors, bear in mind, the grip tape will always remain black. The custom colors come on the top of the board, wheels, and the bottom of the board.

The new grip tape got positive feedback; the riders reported that the new grip tape feels more secure in oppose to the old one. The new grip tape gives a feeling of security and firmness, which is quite important for a comfortable and safe ride.

Using The Remote Controls

This element also remained mostly the same. As with the previous model, you control your speed, acceleration, and deceleration with sliding a knob on the remote controller. Four LED lights indicate the level of your battery.

Every LED light has the value of 25%. So, for example, if only one LED light is active you have 25% of your battery left, and you should consider recharging it as soon as possible. The remote controller also has a small flashlight integrated into it.

The recharge time also remained the same; it takes from 3 to 5 hours to recharge your battery. With the Yuneec E GO2 introduction of regenerative braking, it has become much easier to maintain the minimal level of the battery.

Yuneec e go 2 Skateboard

Riding The Yuneex E-Go2 Electric Longboard

It is possible to drive this product without the motors turned on but prepare to feel some resistance in the wheels. If you’re not familiar with regenerative braking; it’s a method of braking in which energy is extracted from the braking parts, and a portion of the energy is restored.

With an electric skateboard, you’re always stopping and starting. If you live in a city where there is lots of traffic or predestines on pavements, then naturally overtime you will use more battery energy than someone who lives in the suburbs. Getting an electric skateboard to accelerate uses more power, and unfortunately, every time you hit the brakes, all the energy you’ve built up will disappear. Due to the average battery life of an electric skateboard, it is utmost important that you have a system in place to reserve most of the energy. With Regenerative braking, it stores the energy and reuses it next time you start accelerating. That is the basic concept, and it’s mainly used for electric cars and trains. 

In simpler words, when you hit the brakes on E-GO2 you restore a small percentage of (battery) energy you’ve spent. It’s possible to control your board via an iPhone app as well. Sadly, an Android version is not available yet, but they’re working on the matter as we speak so we can expect that soon. You can fully replace your remote controller with your iPhone; that’s a pretty neat feature nonetheless.

 Who would have believed that back in the early days of skateboarding that a few decades later your board would share the same technology as some of the most advanced vehicles on the planet.

longboard skateboard reviews

Our Final Verdict

All in all, it’s a little disappointing Yuneec didn’t focus on increasing the performance of their new board. The (only) 10% of the incline can sometimes be an annoying thing. When you add the resistance of the motors while you’re pushing the board with your feet, it can affect your desire and motivation.

Whilst the Yuneec is lacking in some areas, it is important to always bear in mind the price point in which this board has been placed and in which it offers a reasonable set of specifications when compared with its similarly-priced competition. Whilst one hopes that Yuneec improves the board over time, as it stands currently the E-GO2 offers a skateboard worthy of consideration for a mid-market electric board.

The top speed is average, considering the competition and the increased market growth, Yuneec should consider upgrading the performances of the product soon.

But, there are some pros as well. For instance, Yuneec E-GO2 skate board comes in at half the price of other similar boards, maintaining the same quality standards while offering great affordability.

If you’re a rider looking to enhance your daily commute while staying loyal to your skater roots, the Yuneec E-GO2 is the right thing for you. With the new deck aimed at carving enthusiasts, the agility they offer with this board will blow your mind.

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